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How to be a perfect woman entrepreneur in 2017?


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The women-owned businesses have increased and according to a survey around 30% of the businesses in the US are owned by women. These businesses employ a workforce of some 8 million individuals, and as per Womenable.com one in seven of the privately-held businesses are owned by women.
The challenges for women are unique as they have to readjust their traditional roles of wife and a mother in order to set up and run their business operations.
Entrepreneur Woman

Tips how you can leverage entrepreneurship being a woman:

Define your brand
This is a crucial step for women entrepreneurs to define their brand. What does it look like or what does the brand stand for? Once these aspects have been clearly laid out, you should then abide by them.
Your brand should be uniformly represented at each step; from the color scheme, the design of the logo, packaging, and contact with the client, its presentation to the customer service and your business’s value and mission.
It is easier to get swayed when the business has gotten off of the ground but the key is to not deviate from your brand. The uniformity, as mentioned earlier, in the message the brand carries registers with your clients. It serves in terms of both recall and trust for your clients.
Embrace technology
This is quite common that while you are enjoying your “me” time or the time with your family and loved ones, an incoming call or message can distract you from spending quality time to whatever it is you were doing. The ideal way is to check that email/ring back in the morning or sometime during the following day.
Let your calls get to your voicemail and allow room for auto responders so that technology can take over for you while you are away or after office hours.
Find your passion
For women, as already stated, it is difficult to manage a business as opposed to her male counterparts because of her roles and responsibilities, she has been made to play in the society, so it is advisable for them to select an industry which they not only like but are passionate about.
When you are passionate about something, the zeal and zest in that work are inherent. You can browse for dissertation help in this regard, online. This passion when channelized correctly translates into your business ideology and in turn, customers. They will be equally seeking your business offering (product or service) with passion.
Fit your business to your personal goals
The goals to enter into business could be varying. The most common ones for women could be to contribute towards the income of the family or to engage on a part-time basis instead of sitting idle at home when the children are at school. Or it could also be to go full-time.
You may be aiming to have extra cash on your hands or just want to break free of the conventional role that has been designed by the society for women. Either way, there are a lot of options you can browse to sync your business goals with your personal ones.
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Business Goals
Form genuine connections
It is often difficult to work alone so professional connections you will make as part of your business will prove to be vital and not just for your business but in your personal life as well. Search for a mentor or better create a women’s support group where you can pour in your ideas and frustrations alike.
Join women’s business associations to seek guidance and access to resources. These groups will help you become acquainted with the business landscape.
Keep your home and work life separate
It often happens in the life of women entrepreneurs that their personal and professional lives interwine. Since each is important, it is imperative that time should be strictly assigned to each. Designate office hours and stick to them unless, of course, there is an emergency.
With time, you can train yourself to only work during your office hours and not attend any calls/check emails. Both your customer and clients will also follow this schedule if they have to get in touch with you because after office you shouldn’t attend to any business related call and/or emails.
Create a separate work area for your office whether at home or someplace outside. When you have finished your office hours, shut the door to your office.To sum up, the modern world has a lot of women working and running businesses. Although challenges may differ but businesses are an adventure in their own right and to be able to succeed you should be willing to accept the risks and rewards it poses. Who says women cannot be perfect entrepreneurs? They can be and that too while looking after their homes. They are equipped technologically and their tech-owned companies are gaining momentum. These firms are relatively capital-efficient as well.
  1. Marina Rosie 7 years ago

    I had a friend that was interested in being an entrepreneur but put off because of the gender differences… this post was amazing and has been bookmarked and shared with her! xx
    Lots of love,
    Marina Rosie xx

  2. ana de jesus 7 years ago

    Yes I love that more and more women are becoming entrepreneurs, lets smash that glass ceiling! I like the idea of embracing technology x

  3. Sivjini 7 years ago

    Times are changing, women are becoming entrepreneurs as much as men. Good to see the change. Hope it keep increasing. x


  4. leXHansplaCE 7 years ago


  5. Alison Rost 7 years ago

    Love that there are more an more women entrepreneurs! I especially like the tip about keeping home and work separate. I work from home and it's so hard to turn off my laptop sometimes!

  6. Such encouraging post! It's amazing that a lot more women become an entrepreneur and run their own business.

  7. FaithHopeLove 7 years ago

    I love how successful women are becoming! These are wonderful tips that I will also use as I continue to build my blog. Great post!

  8. David Elliott 7 years ago

    I think that's just as hard for men to keep home and work life separated. They both need defined spaces.

  9. Thanks Marina for this post with your friends 😊

  10. Thanks ana

  11. Yes sivani now a day women are giving tough competition to men

  12. Thanks dear

  13. Yeah, if we keep home and work separate it will be good for both.

  14. Thanks ochalina

  15. Hi, Thanks alot for follow my tips

  16. Yes David
    We have to keep space

  17. Surekha 7 years ago

    I am loving this era of women empowerment. My ultimate dream is to be an entrepreneur. I am still finding ways to make it true! I agree connections are very important in business world and with everything in general.

  18. Sure if you try your best one day you will be a entrepreneur.

  19. David Cyryl 6 years ago

    Cherish that there are increasingly a more ladies business visionaries! I particularly like the tip about keeping home and work independent. I telecommute and it's so difficult to kill my portable workstation some of the time! Dissertation Proposal Writing Service

  20. Matias 6 years ago

    Finally, when the action plan delineated in the entrepreneur plan gets employed over the first weeks or months of operation, the plan can serve to be both a guide and means of seeing how much the projected result matches with the actual result. emprendimiento.over-blog.com

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