How to Make It: Rules for Opening Your Own Bar


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Opening a bar is, no doubt, fun and enjoyable. You need to be aware that this comes with responsibility and a lot of commitments. You need to be prepared to deal with irate customers and to spend long hours at work as the bars is one place which is busy during late evenings and nights. To ensure the success of your bar you need to ensure you have enough funds in addition to an ample staffing. You will be attending issues with the liability and also management of the inventory. Get the required knowledge of the different drinks before you think of stepping into this business. 

Rules for Opening Tee Bars:


# 1. Liquor License:
Acquiring a liquor license needs a lot of effort and probably having the right contacts can help you in this. Make sure you start the process of obtaining this license well before hand, as this can take almost one year. You can even think of taking over a bar if you find that it is too tough to obtain the required license.

# 2. Decide on the Theme or Concept:
After you have managed to obtain a license convenient, plan out the theme or concept for the bars you wish to open. You can think of a sports bar, a cocktail lounge or even English style pub. There are many options for you to choose from. All you need to do is research carefully and find out what works well. Keep the local competition in mind before making a choice of the concept.

# 3. Research:
Before opening a bar it is important to do the required market research. Go to the different bars in that locality and find out what is served. By talking to people, you can find out what they like and if they would prefer anything specific. Take this information and plan out the menu accordingly. It is a good idea to include food keeping the vegetarian and non-vegetarian people in mind. 

# 4. Deciding on the Team:
Team includes experts in designing, architects and business management. They can help you out in the total costs of the bar business. Finalize your team after doing a thorough research so that you have the people who are apt for your business and can help your business grow. 

After opening a Bar:


# 1. Once you have taken the initial step of opening a bar you need to look at factors which can help in the growth of this business.
# 2. Make sure your bar is well stocked all the time. There are chances of losing out on the business if you say a particular drink is unavailable. You need to keep a track of when the bar is busy and the seasons when it is most crowded. This will give you a fair idea of what to stock and when.
# 3. Monitoring the pour levels is an essential requirement. This can eliminate any type of wastage.  Invest in jiggers, measured pourers so that there is required consistency in the mixed drinks. Heavy based glasses are preferred as there is less requirement of liquid as compared to the standard glasses.
# 4. Think of offering happy hours and special events which increase the popularity of a bar.  This ensures you have a steady stream of loyal customers.
# 5. Offer suggestions for snacks which can accompany the drinks. Employing an experienced and knowledgeable staff can be a big help.  

# 6. Train the staff to handle issues related to alcohol-safety. This can work as a protection against fines or even possibly losing your license. Intoxicated patrons should be handled carefully and no liquor can be served to minors. This can lead to you being sued.

Keeping the above-mentioned factors in mind you can be assured of profits flowing in a consistent manner to your bar business. 

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