How to Combine Two Cultures on Your Special Day


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Weddings are complicated as is, and when they require making special compromises, they get even more tangled. Wedding ceremonies usually include a lot of customs which originate from the culture of the bride and the groom, but what happens when the bride and the groom belong to different cultures? Well, it usually turns out to be a variation on the theme of My Big Fat Greek Wedding. If you are organizing a multicultural wedding and want to make just everything right for both sides, here are some tips that might save you a lot of stress.

Overcome the Language Barrier

Language Barrier
You and your partner probably speak the same language, but that doesn’t mean that all of your guests do, so it would be best to overcome that barrier at the very beginning. Start by sending out bilingual invitations, and do the same with the reception menu and program. It would also be nice to hire one waiter who speaks the language of the other culture and to tend to their tables, if that is possible.

Tell it with your wardrobe

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The easiest, and often the most beautiful, way to incorporate two different cultures into your wedding is wearing traditional attire. If you don’t want to go through the whole wedding in the traditional outfit, you can change your wardrobe. Also, the bride and the groom can remain in the conventional wedding dress and a tux, while the groomsmen and bridesmaids can wear traditional attire (e.g. Scottish kilts, Japanese kimonos…).

Have a neutral venue


When it comes to the venue and décor, it could be a bit chaotic if you use symbols from both cultures. That is why it is better to keep the venue neutral, while introducing small hints pertaining to both cultures. You don’t even need an overpriced wedding planner to tell you how to do it, as many affordable wedding venues in Sydney and other bigger cities have experience with multicultural weddings and know how to achieve the right balance.

Mix up the menu

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Mix Up The Menu
National food is a fantastic way to combine the two cultures. While you can go for one neutral menu, you can also have two menus symbolizing both the bride’s and the groom’s origin, or you can have one menu which will consist of meals from both countries. If you decide for the last option, make sure you choose flavors that complement each other.

Dance like everyone is watching


When the guests and the newlyweds are relaxed and ready to have a great time, the dancing part should begin. You can surprise your spouse by learning their traditional dance. Also, both the bride and the groom can perform traditional dances with their parents or grandparents.

Include some rituals

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Each culture has dozens of wedding customs – some of them are downright silly, while some are meaningful and adorable. Of course, you should include a couple of the latter ones, from both sides. For example, in the Philippines, the happy couple releases white doves to symbolize harmonious and long life together while in India the bride and other female guests dye their hands with henna to represent hope, joy, and love.

Don’t lose yourself along the way

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You and your partner are much more than your origins. Surely, there are many things you love and have in common, and they should also be included in the wedding. There is no reason to completely neglect your personalities and intimate history.

Joining hands in marriage is a beautiful thing. Joining two cultures in a marriage is complicated, but if done with care, it can be even more beautiful. Just remember not to stress out about every little detail – after all, it is your special day. 

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