Summer Proposal Ideas

10 Unique Summer Proposal Ideas


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Summer is amazing for so many reasons, from the countless opportunities to travel to beautiful places to the fun outdoor activities perfect for warm, sunny days. And if you get to spend the majority of your summer with that special someone, that makes it even more incredible. 

When you’re ready to pop the question, there is no time quite like summertime to seal the deal with the love of your life. As you’re searching for the perfect engagement ring and scoping out the best proposal location, be sure to consider these

10 options for the most unique and memorable summer proposal ideas

1.   On the Beach

Okay, so maybe this isn’t a unique idea in and of itself, but there are ways to make it extremely special and absolutely perfect. Maybe you and yours have a favorite beach where you can propose, or it’s your first trip to a new beach. Either way, scope out the area with the best views, sand, and waves, and decide on the best time of day to propose. The evening hours are a great choice for obvious reasons: The sunset will be beautiful to watch, and the lighting will make your pictures perfect. Want to ensure she’s dressed to the nines? Head to the beach after a fancy dinner out on the town. 

2.   On the Lake

If you are both avid lake-goers, this is a fantastic choice for a summer proposal. Pull out your kayaks or rent a canoe, and paddle out to the most scenic, serene place you can find to propose. If you enjoy the water but aren’t huge boating fans, pack a lakeside picnic and propose where you’re safe on land but can still indulge in the views.

3.   Somewhere Sentimental

This option might take a little more effort on your part, but do some thinking about a place that is important to the two of you as a couple or to your future bride. Maybe it’s her childhood home, the location of your first date, or the park where you first met. Find a place that’s meaningful that will make her feel all the warm and fuzzies, and then top the night off with a proposal. If you think she would enjoy it, consider having her family and closest friends there as a surprise to make the evening even more sentimental and special.

4.   On an Outdoor Adventure

If you’re an adventurous couple, set your sights on something grand for your proposal this summer. Go zip lining in a forest, hang gliding at the beach, or climb to the top of a mountain peak. It doesn’t matter what kind of adventure it is—just make sure it’s awesome. In the middle of your outdoor fun or at the end of the adventurous activity, ask the love of your life to spend forever with you.

5.   On an Epic Vacation

Have you been talking about taking a trip to a specific place? Or did you have a vacation canceled last year that you want to re-book? This summer is the time to plan an epic vacation and gain yourself a spouse-to-be! Perhaps you want to visit Cinque Terra, Italy, or maybe you’ve got your heart set on the Incan ruins in Machu Picchu, Peru. Maybe it’s a trip to the Australian outback or Bangkok, Thailand. No matter where your summer travel plans take you, embark on an exciting summer vacation with your love and ask her to join you on every vacation for the rest of your lives.

6.   With a Scavenger Hunt

Who doesn’t love a good scavenger hunt during the summer? Search for a city-wide scavenger hunt online that will take you and yours to the most iconic places in your hometown, or get your creative juices flowing and create a personalized scavenger hunt just for her! Maybe you visit multiple locations of past dates or places you’ve lived. Or perhaps it’s picking up her favorite treats along the way or doing some of her favorite activities. Be sure to plan ahead with this one and consider acquiring the help of some friends or family members to pull this off in the most incredible way.

7.   Doing Something You Love

Embrace what you love to do together during the summer months and turn a regular activity into the most amazing proposal ever. If you enjoy golfing, going to baseball games, doing puzzles, playing video games, or cooking together, take those ideas and run with them. Find a way to include a proposal in your already-cherished activities that you love to do together. She certainly won’t be expecting a proposal during typical activity, so you just might surprise her big time!

8.   At Your House

Although less glamorous than some other options, there is something incredibly sweet and special about proposing at the home you share (or will share one day). Some people like to have everyone they love there for their proposal, but others prefer the event to be more private, personal, and intimate. Maybe you barbecue on your back porch or order in, and then watch your favorite movie or play your favorite game in the yard. Anything that makes the night special and unique to you as a couple offers the perfect opportunity to propose.  

9.   With Kids or Pets

If you two have kids or pets, they make for a fun and unique family-centric proposal! Maybe you get your kids a shirt that says, “Mommy, Will you marry Daddy?” or you have your dog bring the ring to her on its collar. If you have older kids who want to be more involved, consider having them write or spell out “marry me” for your spouse-to-be to see. This is a surefire way to pull on her heartstrings in the best way and get the entire family involved in the excitement.

10.   During a Photo Shoot

Consider hiring secret engagement photographers who will snap pictures from behind a tree or across a park when you pop the question. Or, in the same vein, schedule a simple photoshoot for you and yours, maybe with the cover of holiday card photos. That way, you’ll already be in a beautiful location, and she’ll be happy with how she’s dressed and the way she looks for photos. During the photoshoot, get down on one knee and propose, while the photographer conveniently catches every moment.

No matter how or where you propose this summer, it should be unique to you as a couple, and your love should be the focus of it all. Tell you’re significant other how much you love her, and be honest and true in all your share about your hopes and dreams for your future together. Happy proposing!

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