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Entrepreneurship is the way forward for this generation. Developed nations are heavily relying on taking the path to entrepreneurship since the inclination towards startups is growing. People don’t like being in jobs they hate and traditional businesses are not the same anymore due to certain policies and governmental regulations not being favorable either.

So let us see some of the biggest trends that are currently ruling the entrepreneur scene,

Everyone is doing it

Entrepreneurship is in fashion but it is something that you will not be able to bank on unless you put it to action or practice. People have taken fancy to the word entrepreneur but rarely do they understand it. In the US alone there are close to 27 million entrepreneurs.
It is said that close to 80 percent, those who want to start their businesses in the three years’ time or so are looking for leasing space or are invested in registering their companies. The plus point of being an entrepreneur is that the barriers to entry are quite low.
Again, with traditional businesses, you have to come up with a huge amount of capital and get past a dozen of bureaucratic channels. But with startups, you don’t need any of the aforementioned components to make your name. It is the idea that counts and relatively tinier investment to get going. However, the real test comes in the shape of belief in the idea and its longevity.

Intrapreneurs are becoming more common

An intrapreneur is a term coined by those where people exhibiting entrepreneurial behavior works for an organization. In other words, it simply means “internal entrepreneurs”. The definition of an entrepreneur is often considered as someone who is a lone wolf and journey’s alone in pursuit of excellence.
But the above definition is too narrow. Even companies need people with entrepreneurial abilities to get the company through high seas and on the pathway to glory. An entrepreneur usually takes initiatives often referred to as risks, far-sightedness, and a little passion for shaking things up.

Solopreneurs are making it big time

Although you will find entrepreneurs launching businesses/startups with fellow partners or colleagues and often employees at the helm of it. But for a solopreneur, it is a different ball game. He does not have an office space where employees are working to get paid or anyone assisting him in the journey.
It is by definition the solo project which he undertakes and sees to its completion. They may on occasions have certain contractors to get the word out. Overall, the pros of being a solopreneur are that you can keep things small, and almost free of cost. Cons, however, as you probably might have guessed are limited growth.
The history of solopreneurs is not very bright. The concept is slowly dying away although if you are seeking to start the entrepreneurship on a part-time basis, this could prove to be a viable option for you. Once you get the hang of things by being in the entrepreneurial business you can look to go big time/full time.

Entrepreneurs are marketers

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Entrepreneurs do not belong to a certain background and you cannot assign it with a certain trade. Entrepreneurs could be anyone but what has been observed over the years is that marketers have a tendency to become entrepreneurs.
Why is that so, you might ask? It is because these skilled marketers are solely responsible for having the businesses grow as they can sell any service or product they are told to pitch up to clients. Their marketing prowess is unparalleled.
So when these guys look to set up a business or launch a startup, they influence the business by shifting into high gear. It is a good thing because marketers with their insights and growth hacking/marketing savvy approach are better suited to push newly formed businesses to heights of glory. And that too at a rapid rate!

Hiring contract workers is the thing to do

Another trend that has been making waves is the hiring of contractual workers to work for the startup. The real question, however, that begs to be answered is where do you find the top-notch talent in terms of copywriters, coders, and marketers (for that matter)?
You can look on contract worker sites or you can take help of assignment writers. These include some popular websites which allow for skilled labor to advertise their skills and so that they can gain visibility and at the same time, are able to find gigs. From an entrepreneurial standpoint is a win-win because are getting the work without investing time and money for the recruitment.
Above are few of the ongoing trends in entrepreneurship that you should keep an eye out for if that is really your thing. Think we missed out on some trends, let us know in the comments section below.

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