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Different Ways of setting a Dining Table


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A dining room is a place where you spend a lot of time with your family and guests. It represents a good impact if you keep your dining table clean. In a dining room, the most important part is the room surface of the dining table since most of the guests observe how you decorate your dining table. 

Some easy tips for decorating the dining table and to enhance the beauty of your dining room:

1)    Find the perfect dining table: 
For decorating your dining area, you should install a perfect dining table in your dining room. You can find it according to the number of family members. I mean that if you have a small family then you can select a small table and if you have a big family or joint family then you can purchase a large dining table, may be a 6-8 seater. 
There are two types of dining table:
  • Rectangular Dining Table: Most of the people use dining table in this shape. This is ideal if you have a large space in the dining room and you have a big family. If you have a small family and you buy a large rectangular dining table then you may have to face problems like passing the food bowl to each other, cleaning the dining table etc. But if you have a big family like 5-10 members then this is the best. If you have a rectangular dining table then you have to buy a rectangular shape Beautiful handmade carpet for your flooring. The size of carpet depends upon the size of dining table. Please keep in mind that the area (length x width) of the carpet should be bigger than the area of dining table. This is because if you pull the table on backside then the carpet corners are not folded. You can also put a runner in the center of dining table.
  • Round Dining Table: This is the second type of dining table. These dining tables are the best if you have a small family like 2-5 members. This is a new trend of decorating the dining room. This is ideal for a small dining room. For the round dining table, you can take a circular or round handmade carpet.
2)    Set the dining Table:   
There are mainly two methods for setting a perfect dining table:
  • Casual Dining Table: Place a handmade runner at the center of a dining table or small size clothes for putting the plates. After that put a dinner fork on the border of cloth and then put knife, soup spoon, dessert spoon, dessert fork. After that put the service plate or dinner plate in the center of dinner fork and knife, soup spoon. Put a wine glass and water glass on the table and also put napkin at the left side of a dinner plate (not at the decorative cloth put it on dining table.


  • Formal Setting dining table: In this type of setting, first place a runner on the center of a dining table or any decorative small square cloth of each plate. After that put the Salad or service plates at the center of square cloths or in front of each chair in case of runners. Put the salad fork, fish fork and dinner fork and napkin on the right side of the service plate. On the other hand, put the soup spoon, teaspoon, salad knife, dinner knife cup and saucer. Put a plate and bread knife on the front of service table and also place three types of glass such as red wine, white wine, and for water, if you want to offer wine to your guest.
3)    Decorate your Dining Table: 
For decorating your dining table, take a small flower pot with fresh flowers and put it in the center of dining table. Also, add some colorful glass and candle stands with colorful candles on your table.  
So apply these simple methods and impress your guests by providing a well- set table for your guest.

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