6 Best Technologically Advanced Phones for 2017


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Smartphones industry is ruling the world, and we all know how crucial has it become for all of us to survive today. Technology is constantly on the rise and will continue to do until our dying breath. This innovation will continue to churn out some technologically advanced phones each year.

So without further ado let us find out which mobiles phones will be taking the world by storm in the year 2017.
1. Google Pixel
This is an amazing phone and is one of the flagship phones out there. For the manufacturer, Google this phone serves as an excellent debutant. This includes an AI called Assistant which is bound to give great competition to Siri of the iPhone.
Although it is priced at a premium if you are up for it, then this can be a breeze of fresh air for many smartphone lovers who only have the giants like Samsung and Apple to deal opt from. The Google Pixel packs a 12MP camera on the rear and has Android Nougat as its interface which many are bound to enjoy.
The phone is best suited for those who are on gaming and running multimedia applications. The screen is bright and offers a wide range of colors. You will have a fun time watching television and movies on your Google Pixel.
2. iPhone SE
If you are planning to purchase a compact phone then iPhone SE should be your pick. It borrows a lot of things from its predecessor iPhone 6S such as the 12MP camera at the rear and A9 CPU. It supports 2GB RAM which makes it lightning fast and a joy to use.
This phone also has Touch ID and Apple Pay features. You can avail it in Rose Gold color as well. 3D isn’t that great, however, primarily because of its small screen size which hampers the display resolution unlike 6S although still not bad.
3. Lenovo P2
Lenovo has really taken the market share over the span of few years. This is a high-end phone in terms of its specifications but medium priced so as to not burden your wallet. It is amazing how a phone this laden with features can be this affordable.
The battery is a killer. I kid you not but with Lenovo P2 you can go for two days without charging your phone. Have you heard of such a thing before? Well, that is 2017 for you folks!
4. LG G6
Next up we have LG G6 for you. It is LG’s flagship phone but just a tad bit less when compared with its rival of the same level, the Samsung Galaxy S8. The display is 18:9 in ratio and supports a truly amazing quad-HD screen. Sharp and bright colors to lighten up your entire day.
Moreover, there is no parallel of LG G6 in the department of phone’s speed as it has Snapdragon 821 CPU at the helm of it, 4GB RAM and packs up to 32GB internal storage. The battery life is a force to be reckoned with – 3300 mAh battery to be precise. You can greatly benefit from its dual-lens camera as well under different conditions which cater to all your photography needs.
5. HTC U11
HTC is back again but this time with its U11 phone. This one you can easily carry in your pockets as it happens to have sides that can be easily squeezed into one’s pockets. But that is the only add on this phone packs.
Other than that it is a really impressive phone which has done the basics right all over. You can take some brilliant snaps with its camera and feed your inner photographer with its HDR mode. The audio support is impressive as well. Now I won’t go to lengths comparing it with Galaxy S8 but it isn’t far from being mediocre.
6. Motorola Moto X Force
Well if you are in the mood for something refreshing this phone should be your first choice. Motorola has been around since forever in the phones industry and we didn’t expect any less from it. Although it does not fall in the premium category it has all the right features to make it stand toe-to-toe with those phones.
This phone is a survivor due to its durable body, the screen which is thick and is surrounded with a tougher outer layer that guarantees its unbreakable –ness. Oh, and you are welcome to try. The casing is a bit rough and the best one to have come out is by the name of ‘Ballistic Nylon’. With impressive battery life, Moto X Force is here to stay.
In conclusion 
So above are some of the finest phones which will continue their reign in 2017 and beyond. There are a great many numbers of phones but not all can be listed. Tell us what do you think of our list? Which ones have we missed?

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