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3 Iconic Personalized T-shirts You Can Gift to Your Grandparents


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If you are thinking of customizing tees for your grandparents this time, let me tell you it is a mind blowing idea. There are various stores which offer both readymade tees as well as personalized t-shirts. These t-shirts are more innovative and fun because they have a personal touch to it which includes the personality traits, likes, dislikes and hobbies of the people you are gifting it to. Instead of wasting money on showpieces, luxury watches and other fancy items, gift them a t-shirt because it is usable as well as durable.

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And if you want to write something emotional or give a heartfelt message, it is perfectly fine because you can write them on personalized t-shirts too. So, are you wondering how can you personalize these t-shirts for your grandparents? Here, are 3 iconic personalized t-shirts especially made for grandparents. Take a look.

3 iconic personalized t-shirts especially made for grandparents:

1.       Foodie Grandpa
Does your grandpa only have two hobbies in life? Firstly, to spend all his time with you and secondly, eat delicious, lip-smacking platters of food. Then, his t-shirt must also have a flavor of both. Personalize a t-shirt with animated images of a personified potato and some fries. Beside the fries, you can put a cloud that reads, “Grandpa?” so as to show the relationship between potatoes and fries is just like that of a grandfather’s with his grandchild.
2.       Fashion Grandma
If you have a fashionista grandmother, who is still quite conscious about the latest cuts, patterns and styles in her attire, try and pull her leg with a t-shirt that speaks of her impeccable sense of fashion. Design a t-shirt for her that reads, “I Get My Amazing Fashion Sense from Grandma”. She would definitely have a hearty laugh when she will look at it but will also be happy deep down on knowing that you have acknowledged her awesome fashion sense.
3.       Bookworm Grandpa
If your childhood has mostly spent listening to different kinds of stories from various parts of the world from your one and only grandpa, then it is unfair if you don’t make him a tee that shows his love for books. So, customize a t-shirt for him that has animated pictures of a big worm wearing a pair of glasses reading from a book and another smaller worm listening to the bigger worm intently. You can write the caption, “Training My Grandson/granddaughter To Be a Good Bookworm”. This is a funny yet nice way of telling grandpa that you are thankful to him for introducing a vast world of books to you. 
So, these iconic tees are quite popular for gifting to grandparents. All the t-shirts must not be full of boring quotes or quirky graphic designs; some of them should be a little funky and cute. And what better way of doing so than personalization? Nowadays these gifting stores which offer t-shirts also have tees for grandchildren in a variety of themes like military tees, United States navy t-shirts etc. You can also pick two tees, one for grandpa/grandma and one for yourself. Then, you two can wear them together when you meet them. Whether you choose a personalized t-shirt or a readymade one, make sure your grandparents are happy and elated to receive the gift. 

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