The Best Lashes For Your Eye Shape


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Thinking about getting lash extensions soon? Well, before you do, make sure you determine your eye shape. Once you do, you will end up with the most beautiful and appropriate solution for your specific eye type. If you are not too sure what might suit you the best no worries, this article will help you determine all there is to know.

Why Should You Get Lash Extensions?

Women who are not too sure what the perks of getting lash extensions are might want to focus on this part of the article. In fact, by getting lash extensions, you will be:
1. Stop wasting money on different types of glue-on lashes
2. Say bye to mascaras, lash curlers, lash-boosting serums, and lash glue
3. You will have a wonderful and customized solution which will last you for 3-4 weeks
4. You will save a lot of time each time when getting ready in the morning
5. You will have a long-lasting solution which can survive through anything (cold weather, summer vacations, trips and holidays)
6. Lash extensions will be customized per your preference and eye shape, which means prettier and unique outcome in the long run
7. Minimal maintenance, they only require an oil-free makeup remover
8. Can look natural or voluminous, based on your preference

Different Kinds For Your Eye Shape

Now, once you know all about the perks of getting lash extensions, how about you figure out what type to go for? Here, we will present you 4 different options.

1. Natural

Who Should Get This Infill?
Women who love natural foundations, minimal makeup, and who want to enhance their natural lashes will benefit the most from this infill. These extensions look very natural and simple, which means that you don’t have to emphasize your eyes at any given point.
How Do They Look?
A certified lash expert will apply them all over your eye by focusing mostly on the 2/3 portion. Here, he or she will add a bit more of volume in order to make your eyes pop.
Where Should You Show Off These Lashes?
This specific way of placement is the best for women who are working 9-5, and who love to look well put together. These are ideal for your everyday wear and will suit you the best if you are into quick & easy makeup looks.
Who Shouldn’t Get This Infill?
Women who demand volume, attention and a lot of looks should stay away from these. Although they might suit your natural eye shape the best, they aren’t as fluffy or ideal for your preference.

2. Doll Eye

Doll Eye
 Who Should Get This Infill?
Plenty of women have a doll eye shape and they should embrace it. You should get this infill since it will look feminine and very ‘Barbie’ like. This lash application is semi-natural, easy to achieve, and ideal for those who want to feel like a true diva.
How Do They Look?
The application process is done throughout the entire eye, but while accentuating middle portion the most. By doing this, your eyes will pop at the center and will look feminine and attractive. Women who have puppy or downturned eyes should do these lashes.
Where Should You Show Off These Lashes?
These are ideal for both every day and glamorous situations. Show off your beautiful lash extensions at your work, school, but also when getting ready to go out with your friends.
Who Shouldn’t Get This Infill?
Women who already have large eyes or super long lashes won’t look the best with this infill.

3. Cat Eye

Who Should Get This Infill?
If you are someone who loves winged liners and stunning cat-eye shapes you will love this infill. It is ideal for everyday wear, but also for women who love that edgy look.
How Do They Look?
These are placed and focused mostly on the outer part of your eye and are quite exotic and feline looking. Very chic and hard to resist.
Where Should You Show Off These Lashes?
This lash type will look the prettiest once showed off at a vacation or some beautiful resort. Since the look is so attention seeking and feline like, it truly does deserve its place at a beach.
Who Shouldn’t Get This Infill?
Women who have wide eyes won’t look the best with this lash.

4. Staggered

Who Should Get This Infill?
Staggered lashes suit those women who already have some lash count to work with. If you want to only enhance your already existing lashes, make sure you get this infill.
How Do They Look?
The name says it all-staggered. This outcome is combined out of several differently placed lashes. Some are quite short and others are very long on the lash line. There is no specific pop, but a feminine spikey effect.
Where Should You Show Off These Lashes?
Staggered lashes aren’t the most natural lashes, but are quite appropriate for the club, formal dinners, or any other extravagant situation.
Who Shouldn’t Get This Infill?
If your lashes are quite short and brittle then your lash esthetician might struggle a bit with placing these against your lash line.
  1. I had no idea there were lashes for every shape of the eyes! This is so interesting to read

  2. Maysz 2 years ago

    Like all of these Best Lashes but honestly I don't have an idea how can I put this on my eye lashes HAHAHA.

  3. I've always had to change my lashes now and then! Ooops! But coming to think of it, I'm a doll's eye, I'll start from there when picking out lashes next time.

  4. Thanks for sharing a great info about the eye lashes

  5. This is a brilliant guide on getting lashes! I don't usually get them done, usally just get false lashes or use mascara

  6. Thank you much for sharing these great lash tips.

  7. Bee 2 years ago

    Such stunning pictures. Love them.

    Bee Belinda

  8. I didn't know that there are lashes for every eye shape. I have never gone for eyelash extension as I am too scared to get it done… 😉

  9. I'm sure a lot of girls will find your tips helpful. Keep on posting great content.

  10. I never knew about the different types of lash extensions. Good information to have for when I need it.

  11. Whitney Kutch 2 years ago

    Thanks for breaking these down so clearly! Now I know what type of extensions to get 🙂

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