Cocktail Dresses

Cocktail Dresses Style Guide For Men and Women


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Since their inception in the early 20th century, cocktail parties have become fashionable. If you are invited to one and the invite specifies the appropriate cocktail dress code there is no need to worry or get into a dither as to how to dress. Be it for your anniversary party or for your official events, if you want to follow the cocktail dress code then you can wear the suit with matching trousers and tie. When you choose the dress for your party, you can consult with your dress designers and you can also talk to the retail outlet personnel. They will assist you to choose the best cocktail dress and they will also provide you with the best dresses which will especially be customized for you.
Broad definition of cocktail dresses:
If you receive an invite then common sense will tell you that it is a formal occasion and the host will expect you to blend in by wearing “appropriate” attire. To explain it in the simplest terms, cocktail dress means almost the same type of dress you would wear to formal events like weddings, birthday celebrations and anniversaries. This narrows down the choice of cocktail apparel for men and cocktail dresses for women to select styles.
The dress code that must be avoided for your cocktail parties:
  • If you are doubtful as to what is implied by the cocktail dress code then ask your host and follow his instructions. If he goofs and says jeans are acceptable you certainly will not be blamed.
  • Do not wear the most stylish and haute couture dress that will upstage your host or the guest of honour, especially when it is an event like weddings.
  • Men: Do not wear gaudy, neon or light colors.
  • Women: Do not wear flat heeled footwear, go for heels. Else you can also try out the ugg sheepskin boots and footwear for your parties.  
What would be your best cocktail dress?
For men the rules are relatively simple.  Consider the weather and the season and accordingly pick your cocktail dress. You can wear a tux if you like but something less formal like trousers and a coat or jacket. Just wear dark colours and also try to wear some leather footwear or shoes with the suit. Choose a plain coloured shirt and make sure the collars and cuffs are not floppy. There are little things to which you can pay attention for big results. If you think no one is going to look at your shoes, think again. Pick calf length socks to match the trousers, preferably dark coloured. Lastly, you need to wear some attractive accessories like you can wear some gold chain wristwatch with your formal dress code, and if you wear a T-shirt then you can wear the leather band wrist watch. 
For women:
Women have more latitude when it comes to picking dresses for cocktail events. The first thing to do is pick a dress to suit the body shape otherwise it will never look good. Pear shaped bodies look good in waistline dresses and A-line skirts to draw attention away from the body’s lower half. Wear an upper garment preferably with shoulder pads. Straight bodied females can wear a dress that clings to the top and has a flowing bottom or a suit with a peplum jacket. Women with fuller bodies will benefit by wearing more accessories, a low décolleté and empire waistline dress. Generously endowed women can look good in slightly loose fitting clothes instead of body hugging dresses.
Accessories are indispensable for women from a simple embellishment in the hair to earrings, a simple necklace, and a bracelet and, of course, a neat and dandy clutch instead of a shoulder bag.

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