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First Time Speed Dating Tips: What You Need to Know


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Speed dating events are an excellent way to meet new people. If you’re attending your first-speed dating event, it can be nerve-wracking and overwhelming. The pressure is on, and you have to sell yourself in only five minutes. Additionally, speed dating rules are different from a typical first date. You don’t get much time to connect with new people, so preparation is essential if you want your speed dating experience to succeed. To help you feel more at ease and increase your chances of success at your first-speed dating event, we’ve put together some helpful tips that every attendee should follow:

Don’t drink too much or take drugs before arriving.

First dates are nerve-wracking enough without adding the added pressure of feeling like you’re intoxicated. We know this sounds like common sense, but we’ve seen people show up at speed dating events after having too many drinks. If you arrive at the event impaired, you’ll be less likely to show up your best self. If you’re anxious, using herbal supplements can help you reduce your nerves, as can practicing mindfulness to help center yourself and reduce your nerves beforehand.

Dress to impress

First impressions are crucial during a speed dating event, so you need to look your best. However, wear something you feel comfortable with and avoid wearing new outfits or something you wouldn’t usually wear. It mats up with you feeling uncomfortable and fidgeting all night, which can be offputting for everyone and distracting for you.

Come with an open mind.

Speed dating is often misunderstood and misconstrued as a meat market where people quickly move from table to table looking for their next hookup. In reality, speed dating is more of a structured group interview, especially as you get older; you get the chance to cut out all the wasted time associated with dating. Events are organized into different categories for maximum effect to make it easier to connect with people. For example, it can be speed dating over 40 or 50, speed dating for different religions or sexualities, etc.

You’ll have the chance to meet eight to 10 people during the event, which is enough time to get a general sense of their personality, but not enough time to fully explore their interests and hobbies. Don’t expect to fall in love with every person you meet; this is not a realistic expectation. Instead, come to the event with an open mind and a willingness to get to know new people.

Move on promptly once the time is up.

Once your time is up with each person, you have 60 seconds to move on from the table. Prolonging moving on can cause a delay for others waiting for their next date and people waiting to meet your current date. It also means both you and your date have less time to fill in your notes on what you did and didn’t like, so you can follow up once the event has finished. Lingering shows a lack of disrespect for other people and the organizer and can reflect poorly on you. To wrap things up and move on as quickly as possible, make the most of your time between dates.

Avoid scripted questions and be flexible with topics of conversation.

Speed dating events are all about efficiency, so you may be tempted to ask a few prepared questions for each person you meet. However, asking scripted questions can make you seem robotic and stiff. It’s often better to be more flexible and let the conversation flow naturally, even if it means you don’t ask everyone the same questions. Your personality will make you stand out, so try not to be too prepared and let the conversation flow naturally. You may want to have a few questions prepared to ask the people you meet if the conversation dries up.

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