Embroidery Dress for Your Baby Girl

Top 10 Embroidery Dress Ideas for Little Girls


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Carefully curated dresses with handmade embroidery are extremely precious and good-looking. The careful symmetric seam of the top hand embroidery designs easily lasts for several years. Only a few branded clothing manufacturers have the necessary talent and machines that can create these beautiful embroideries on high-quality clothes.

The top kids’ clothing brands make an impact in the market by bringing fresh and latest handmade embroidery dresses. They often experiment with new design and colour schemes to bring the most fashionable clothing apparels for kids. Today, hand embroidery designs are not restricted to traditional clothes. In fact, some of the trendiest designs seep seamlessly into modern fashion trends.

Nowadays, the kids’ clothing brands are incorporating hand embroidery designs into the following articles of clothing.

  • Shirts and T-Shirts
  • Jeans
  • Maxi Dresses
  • Shifts and Co-Ord Dresses
  • Indo-Western Clothes
  • Dhoti and Kurtas
  • Winter Clothing
  • Crop Tops
  • Jackets
  • Lehengas

Embroidery on Shirts and T-Shirts

A subtle spark of embroidery in a plain coloured shirt can change its whole appearance significantly. Today, clothing manufacturers have perfected the art of adding subtle embroidery in shirts and t-shirts to accentuate the overall look and feel of the dress.

Kids have the luxury of buying dresses that are ostentatious in appearance. They do not need to wear muted or subtle dresses all the time. In fact, they can easily wear fancy dresses with a lot of embroideries. The top clothing manufacturers constantly experiment with their wide collection of shirts and t-shirts to bring in new design elements that suit the appearance extremely well.

The skin of kids is extremely delicate. Therefore, you need to be extra careful with it. Therefore, while choosing the beautiful embroidery dresses for them, emphasize on comfort more than everything else. A high amount of embroidery can easily cause irritation and rashes on the delicate skin of kids.

Embroidery on Jeans

Hand embroidery is no longer limited to just the ethnic and traditional clothes. In fact, design trends from the most beautiful embroidery dresses are quickly seeping into western culture. Today, manufacturers are using their high-tech machines and talented artisans to create beautiful embroidery on the thick material of jeans.

Conventionally hand embroidery on jeans is a tad difficult due to the thickness of the cloth. Therefore, the top clothing manufacturers have advanced sewing machines that can help them weave the cloth in the perfect fashion on the thick cloth. These sewing machines are experts in handling the thickness of the cloth without compromising on the seam or the design. The top artisans have an expert-level control over these sewing machines to incorporate the most intricate and beautiful designs onto the surface of the cloth.

Embroidery on Maxi Dresses

The floor-length maxi dresses are quickly gaining more and more popularity in the fashion industry today. A few reasons why these maxi dresses are so popular amongst children, as well as parents, include:

  • Easy to Wear: The maxi dresses are generally more comfortable than all the other dresses on this list. In fact, you can easily call the maxi dresses a perfect combination of excellent comfort and beauty. The best maxi dresses are available in a range of hues that attract the eye. These maxi dresses are easy too put on. Therefore, they are ideal for hyperactive kids who wish to change their clothes frequently after getting them dirty.
  • Excellent Coverage: The maxi dresses provide the best coverage to the body. Therefore, they are the preferred choice of cloth for parents who are looking for a dress that is ideal for a sunny environment. The excellent coverage of the dress is one of the key reasons why they are often preferred as sundresses in hot and sunny environments.
Embroidery on Maxi Dresses
  • Durable: Maxi dresses from the top clothing manufacturers are highly durable. They can easily last for several months before getting shabby. The bright and colourful maxi dresses can take a lot of wear and tear with ease. Therefore, you can wash them with heavy detergents and still preserve their shine for a long period.
  • Adjustable: The maxi dresses are very long, and they typically extend beyond the knees of the individual. However, girls can easily rock the dress as a high-waist skirt with a heavy belt and a pair of good boots once they grow taller. Therefore, you can use these dresses for several months after purchase.

The intricate embroidery on the baby maxi dresses is easy since these dresses rest easy on the skin of the individuals. In fact, these dresses typically have a slightly looser fit, making them extremely comfortable for the kids. You can easily choose a maxi dress with heavy embroidery and still not go wrong with it since they are typically loose for the kids.

Embroidery on Shifts and Co-Ord Dresses

The shift and co-ord dresses look extremely nifty on the baby girls. These dresses are the perfect mix of modern culture and its traditional counterpart. Manufacturers in the fashion industry have recently started putting some of the most intricate embroidery designs on the modern-day shift and co-ord dresses.

One key feature of the embroidery on such dresses is their subtlety. Unlike a few other choices on this list, shifts and co-ord dresses do not look well with a lot of heavy embroideries. On the other hand, they look extremely pretty if you use the right amount of embroidery on the edges of the dress.

You can find a fine and subtle theme of embroidery on the modern-day shifts and co-ord dresses on their neck and sleeves. The subtlety of the design comes in a slightly different and contrasting colour theme. The contrasting colour theme ensures that embroidery is visible and obvious to the audience. However, the gentle and slim seam ensures that it is still muted and not ostentatious.

Embroidery on Shifts and Co-Ord Dresses

Embroidery onChaniya Cholis

If we must pick one type of clothing that can experiment freely with different embroidery design schemes it would be chaniya cholis. These traditional clothes can have tonnes of design on throughout the seam of the cloth.

Ideally, chaniya cholis have a heavy embroidery throughout the cloth. However, several manufacturers have realized the need for a more subtle approach in their design schemes. Therefore, they manufacture the chaniya cholis with a slightly muted and subtle appeal. To do so, they limit the embroidery to the edges of the dress. The thickness of the embroidery in such situations is still a lot and it covers a huge portion of the dress. However, the designers typically keep it close to the borders.

Embroidery on Dhoti and Kurtas

If subtlety is what you are searching for, you cannot go wrong with a classic dhoti kurta combination for baby girls. There are multiple reasons why you should choose a dhoti kurta combination for your baby girl:

  • Extremely Airy and Comfortable: Conventionally farmers and people who have a laborious job prefer wearing a dhoti kurta. The lightweight and airy fit offered by this combination is uncanny in all the other options on the list.

Today, kids’ clothing manufacturers are experimenting with several hand embroidery designs on the subtle and plain dhoti kurta combination to add a zestful flavour to the design. The most popular designs are popular amongst kids as well as parents due to a comfortable fit and a snug appeal.

  • The Option of Choosing between a Heavy and a Light Hand Embroidery Seam: The conventional dhoti and kurta combination has branched out into various design options today. Even a slight change in the hand embroidery design can help the clothing manufacturers add a whole new flavour of design to the clothes.

Conventionally, you can divide the type of hand embroidery design on clothes for baby girls into two types i: e; a heavy and light embroidery. The dresses with heavy hand embroidery seam are ideal for traditional occasions like weddings and religious festivals. On the other hand, the ones with a lighter hand embroidery designs are ideal for day to day wear during the summer season.

Embroidery onWinter Clothing

The days where winter clothing was completely boring and plain are long gone now. In fact, the baby girl clothing manufacturers are experimenting with novel design schemes on these dresses. A simple seam of the hand embroidery design on the winter clothing can change the whole look and feel of the dress.

The best winter clothing options with novel design scheme are sold like hot cakes on the market.

Embroidery on Crop Tops

You don’t need to buy a whole new outfit to incorporate a funky design theme into the clothing sense for your baby girl. Instead, you can just buy a crop top and pair it with a conventional pair of jeans. The crop tops with funky and trendy hand embroidery designs are extremely popular amongst baby girls today. In fact, the most popular crop tops in the market often have intricate design schemes.

Embroidery on Jackets

Embroidery is getting more and more popular on jackets too. One can easily get his/her name sewed on a jacket to add a more personalized feel to it. The jackets with a flowery theme hand embroidery design often look great on baby girls.

Embroidery on Jackets

You can couple a cool jacket, crop top, and a pair of fashionable jeans with boots to help your girl get ready for a rocking family function. Such combination will give your little baby enough confidence to go and enjoy freely on the dance floor. Incorporating such a deep sense of confidence in kids today is extremely important for all the parents.

Embroidery on Lehengas

When we are talking about the Indian dress embroidery designs, we cannot miss out on the beautiful lehengas.

The clothing manufacturers experiment with a combination of two things primarily to add a whole new flair with the design schemes on lehengas. While the borders of the dress are covered with heavy embroidery, the centre of the dress is printed with natural dyes. The top baby clothing manufacturers use organic dyes and huge printing machines to print intricate design schemes on their clothes.

One might easily argue that a few kids are easily more stylish than most adults today. Two things arise out of styling your kids with branded clothes from a reputed online shopping portal. The first one is that they get a deep sense of self-confidence in their minds. This self-confidence propels them into a bright future. The second one is that they develop a close and intimate relationship with their parents who help them shop.

If you are going on a shopping spree with your baby girl, encourage her to select her own clothes and teach her everything you know about fashion. This is one of the best ways to bond with her quickly and show her that you love her.

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