10 Tips for Planning the Perfect Spring Brunch at Home


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Spring is the perfect time of year to host brunch at home and you can make it the most important meal with a few extra special touches. Whether you’re bringing your closest friends together for Sunday brunch or hosting a party for friends and family during brunch hours this spring, there are few things you can do to make an otherwise ordinary brunch an extraordinary celebration.

Ten tips for planning the perfect Sunday brunch at home:

1. Do it buffet-style. While you can serve up a multi-course meal over a few hours for spring brunch, hosting a buffet-style meal might be a better way to help guests interact more with each other, sample different types of foods and have more fun! Setting up a brunch buffet station can be an easy way to make this a more casual affair. Simply set out your food in trays, make labels for all the different dishes and let guests move down the buffet line to fill up their plates with whatever they like.
2. Dress for the occasion. Now that the warmer weather is here, you can look forward to wearing dresses, rompers, skirts, capris and other lightweight outfits. Being the hostess of a brunch at your home is the perfect excuse to get dressed up and play with some new colors and patterns. Think floral prints, bold and vibrant colors and oversized jewelry for your brunch ensemble. A cute jumpsuit with a pair of wedge heels can make a bold fashion statement while a floral print romper with some ballet flats or kitten heels will keep you looking casual and chic.
3. Set up your bar. You get to play bartender as the hostess—or designate drink-making duties to somebody else—so you’ll need a dedicated space for drinks. Set up your bar area with some coasters, pretty champagne glasses, an ice bucket for champagne, a lineup of juices for mimosa and any other mixers you need to make some popular drinks. Make sure to let the champagne chill long enough before everyone arrives so you can all toast with perfectly-made mimosas. Keep an eye on the bar area to refill the ice bucket and bring out more drinks throughout the afternoon.
4. Make some of your recipes weeks in advance. Your week is already full of a never-ending to-do list and you’re probably running around all weekend as well. Make things easier for yourself when you’re hosting a weekend brunch at home by preparing as many of those tasty recipes days or weeks in advance. You can make some of the more difficult recipes ahead of time and freeze them for the event. Even brunch favorites like deviled eggs and homemade granola can be made a day in advance to help you save some time.
5. Try out some non-alcoholic drinks. Even though mimosas may be the drink of choice for your spring brunch, not everyone will want to sip on an alcoholic beverage during the event. Keep things fun and interesting by putting together a menu of refreshing, non-alcoholic drinks. You can try everything from non-alcoholic margaritas and daiquiris to pina coladas and spritzers. Have fun with different flavor combinations and set up a fruit bowl with a chopping board to make fruit mix-ins for customized drinks for your guests.
6. Turn it into a potluck. Who says you can’t host a potluck brunch? Having everyone pitch in with some of their favorite recipes and snacks is a great way to diversify your menu and do less work! You can choose a theme for the menu and the event so everyone brings something that complements other dishes on the table. If you have time, consider organizing the menu ahead of time and having people choose what item they’re going to make from the list. Make sure to include drinks, desserts and snacks so you have plenty of food and drinks for all tastes during brunch.
7. Make your own centerpieces. The spring months are the perfect time of year to bring some of the outdoors in. You can decorate the table and entertainment areas with bouquets of fresh flowers or get creative with centerpieces made of seashells, leaves and rocks you’ve gathered from nature. The farmhouse chic theme is still a popular trend for events and celebrations so you can make your centerpieces and dinner table decor using items like mason jars, twigs, branches and rustic decor.
8. Put together a playlist. While you could play DJ for the afternoon and play some songs by request, why not let your favorite music streaming service do the work for you? Put together a playlist of your favorite songs that will boost everyone’s mood and keep the energy up. You could pick a theme for the day, such as light jazz and classics for a more mellow vibe or contemporary lounge music for a chill and relaxed ambiance. If you’re hosting a brunch with an ’80s theme or similar, feel free to load up the playlist with tracks from that decade.
9. Set up a selfie station. Your friends are probably ready to take a few photos with the group so why not turn a part of your home into the perfect set for selfies? You can decorate an area with cute furniture, props and the perfect lighting so everyone will be able to capture that perfect selfie. Make sure to include some cupcakes and other tasty items you worked so hard to prepare in the shot so everyone can show off your brunch-hosting skills.
10. Send invitations at least a week in advance. Sending handwritten invitations isn’t old-fashioned and could actually make your event feel more special. Alternatively, you can send out Facebook event invites or make use of online invitation apps like Punchbowl to send your guests a stylish virtual invitation by email or text.
Make the most of the spring season by planning the perfect brunch for friends and family. Use these tips to get organized, decorate like a pro and prepare a tasty menu so everyone can look forward to a memorable event.
  1. Enhpad 4 years ago

    So happy that spring is finally here and we can invite our friends over! Thanks for the tips, you made me even more excited to get a party going now!
    Daphne |

  2. The Parent Game 4 years ago

    I love it when the weather is warm enough to host events outside, especially after the long winter!

  3. Lauren Floyd 4 years ago

    I would love to host a brunch at home. Maybe I'll do that as a way of unveiling my garden (a spring and summer goal of mine)

  4. Gena's Adventure 4 years ago

    Those 10 tips are so good! I love every single one and I am a brunch person, but buffet style and potluck style are my favs 🙂

  5. elaycasipagan 4 years ago

    Yeah! Who's not preparing for the spring?! My friends and relatives always look forward as food will definitely flood together with a lot of sing-a-longs. Thanks for idea, I definitely pick that applies for my plan.

  6. Lyosha Varezhkina 4 years ago

    Awesome tips! I love having guests at home brunch is always a nice idea to me. Your tips are most welcome!

  7. Lady In Read 4 years ago

    your post inspires me to plan one.. all laid out plans ready to use as well, so why not?

  8. Alfonzo Words 4 years ago

    thanks for the tips and tricks shared.
    my mom and sister would love this!

  9. Nina 4 years ago

    I think Potluck brunches are the best. That way one person doesn't get stuck with everything.

  10. Liz 4 years ago

    Such excellent tips! I especially think a potluck brunch would be excellent. Far less work and everyone gets something they like.

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