6 Profitable Ideas For YouTube Music Video Promotion

6 Profitable Ideas For YouTube Music Video Promotion


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1.Use live streams to sell goods

Selling YouTube live streaming is another option to monetize the site. Popular niches like beauty and fashion benefit greatly from this revenue model. The purpose of this is to market things to viewers of live broadcasting for YouTube music video promotion. Consider making your own goods and deals to sell to your devoted viewers if you want to make this even more lucrative. You could produce an ebook, a digital course, or anything else your audience might find valuable. Or you may employ this tactic to market your goods on Postmark, Etsy, or even your own Shopify store, if you have one.

As an alternative, you can use the channel to drive leads to your products if you currently operate a walk-in store or business by linking to affiliate products that can be accessed using search engines. Creating a strong sense of trust among your viewers for videos or making money with a YouTube shorts fund are essential for live streaming sales success for YouTube music video promotion. They are more likely to use their credit card to make a purchase from you if they have more faith in you.

You can then utilise a site like Gum road to accept payments during your live sessions once your product is ready to sale.

How to Make the Most Money Selling Goods During Live YouTube Streaming

  • Present unique goods
  • Produce your goods with a bigger profit margin in mind.
  • Having these feeds on a regular basis
  • Samples of your products are available as a marketing strategy.
  • Use only-current promotional codes

2.Provide subscribers merchandise

Selling your own line of merchandise to your subscribers, such as t-shirts and other items, is one of the simplest ways to earn money on YouTube. This is due to the platform’s goods shelf, which provides additional source of income for YouTubers. As an online creator, you must have a sizable fan base before you can use this method to earn any real money, but you may start small and grow up gradually to the point where you’re earning a steady income from your march sales.

Instead of using merchandise shelf, think about using Sellfy if you want to sell things directly to customers and keep more of the money you make. To help you learn more, I’ve provided a thorough evaluation of the product here.

Here are a few Youtube stars who are effectively selling merchandise to subscribers to give you an idea of the possible cash you can generate:

The Week’s Report

This channel sells items like t-shirts and has an estimated monthly revenue of over $3.1K. Such official branded stuff represents a sizable market. Selling your merchandise to devoted subscribers and YouTube Premium subscribers, who will gladly part with their money to support their preferred YouTube artist, is one way to receive your piece of it.


PewDiePie is another YouTube Star and the highest-paid YouTuber. His last item launch sold out in a matter of minutes thanks to his devoted fan following of 105 million subscribers.

The estimated $6.83 million in annual revenue from his item sales comes despite the fact that he mostly made his money playing video games on websites like Steam or other independent games.

Let’s say you have a strong brand and a large following of devoted subscribers. This is a big monetization choice and technique in that scenario because fans of your work will readily purchase your goods.

How to Make the Most Money Selling Merchandise on YouTube

  • possess a sizable subscriber base
  • Know the demographics of your subscribers; do they want merchandise?
  • Design a tagline
  • Pricing it fairly.
  • use numbered merchandise

3.Superchat and live streams

Another fantastic option to monetize YouTube’s video platform is through Superchat and Super Stickers, especially if you also run a well-liked podcast alongside your channel. In 2017, it took the place of YouTube’s “Fan Funding” function. As a YouTube Partner, you have access to this capability while live streaming, which many partners do on their super chat. Super chat increases the visibility of your viewers’ comments. Viewers can pay to be featured and pinned in a prominent location in the live chat stream for a set amount of time.

Subscribers to your YouTube channel have the option to give during live streams via Super Chat or to subscribe for a monthly subscription.

They will also receive unique badges and emoticons that will help them stand out in your live sessions and super chat streams. Also, they have access to your members-only benefits, which include live chats with you.

4.In-depth explanations

In-depth explanations  of Live streaming and Super chat are provided in this video.

This kind of revenue is made possible by YouTube’s Partner Program, and many creators (YouTube Partners) are using it to successfully promote their businesses and channels.

To get the most out of this money-making method, you’ll need to develop a YouTube SEO advertising strategy to persuade your subscribers and site visitors to sign up as members.

Within your live chat feeds, it’s kind of like you’re selling YouTube ads. With live sessions and Super chat, you will inevitably rely on fans for revenue, but you may also build a thriving community and profit from YouTube.

You must be older than 18 and have at least 30,000 subscribers in order to sell channel memberships to your audience. 

If you already have a sizable, devoted fan base, getting your fans to pay you directly is a terrific method to generate money on YouTube.

Fans love to express their gratitude by pulling out their credit cards, and by continuing to add value to your channel, you will have a steady stream of cash.

Just be certain to make it as simple as you can for them to donate. Even your most devoted supporters may abandon up halfway through if the process to give you money is difficult or lengthy.

How to Get the Most Out of Your YouTube Live Sessions and Superchat Earnings

Urge your audience to subscribe to your channel.

Describe the process for joining Superchat and how it works (not many people understand it)

During the live chat feed, promote your channel or personal brand.

5.Let Media to Use Viral Content

Giving media outlets a licence to use your viral video content is another option to earn money on YouTube. Every time one of your videos goes viral, media outlets, who are constantly searching for top-notch content, request a copy so they can rerun it for their individual audiences.

The good news is that you don’t simply have to share online viral videos with them. You can also share recent video that they deem newsworthy, and plenty of businesses will pay you to use their video so they can profit from YouTube.

Make sure they are simple to find if you have any popular viral video content that media outlets would be interested in. On your channel profile and description sections, prominently display a business email. This will make it simple for businesses to get in touch with you if they desire your video For YouTube SEO.

Also, you can upload your top-notch videos to websites like The Bible.

This website is used by many well-known media outlets, like FOX, CNN, NBC, CBS, and The Weather Channel, to find video footage for their websites. You will have lots of chances to use creative commons to distribute your  content to the media and increase your YouTube revenue.

How to Get the Most Money From YouTube License

  • For licencing purposes, include a business email in the channel profile and description sections.
  • Join Jukin Media and other video platforms.
  • The most popular content on your channel should be highlighted.

6.Integrate Patron and YouTube

A well-known online site called Patron gives artists and creators a place to quickly share their work with “Patrons” and get paid for it. You may increase your YouTube profits as a content creator by using Patreon to harness the power of your audience and increase the revenue from your YouTube videos.

Former Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson is a featured on one YouTube channel called The East Fam, which provides membership tiers through Patron that vary from under $2 per month for ad-free videos to $100 per month for personalized products and producer credit.

Another example of a YouTube video maker earning well from their viewers on the site is William “Suede” DuFresneis.

Maintaining your audience’s motivation is the key to success on Patron. The community is emphasized on this platform, and Suede keeps his viewers coming back by providing content of a consistently high quality and using his charisma and effective communication to influence people to buy his products.

To make money on YouTube with the aid of Patron, you can direct traffic to your Patron platform.

How to Increase Revenue Using Patron and YouTube

Make sure Patron has exclusive stuff.

Push as many people as you can towards the platform.

Ask for suggestions often to keep your audience interested.

Provide several Patron membership levels (other than your Youtube channel memberships)

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