Signs That You’re Ready To Get Married


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Making the decision to get married shouldn’t be embarked upon lightly. It’s a big commitment but it’s one that many of us want to make when we have found the right person.

You may have always wanted to get married and have your special day or you may not have thought it was something for you. One thing that you will understand is that when you have found the right person, it will all become clear as to what you will end up doing.

Signs that you’re ready to take the next step:

You’re both on the same page

Chances are that you have discussed the prospect of getting married or at least casually mentioned your views on marriage and your aspirations for the future. Maybe you’ve talked about your plans for your next vacation as well and your plans together ten years from now? If you and your partner speak naturally and sincerely about your future together (even if you’re not sure where you’ll be or what you’ll be doing), that sort of confidence bodes well for your journey together. Even if you don’t talk about marriage early on, you can gradually build up to it as your relationship grows.

You’re ready to settle down

You might be at the stage in your life where you’ve done all that you want to do as a ‘single’ person and are now ready to ground yourself. Settling down isn’t always  just about the right person, it’s also about timing, because people want different things at different times. If you want to spread your wings career wise or you still want to party, then you may choose to stay single. But you’ll know it’s finally time for you when you not only have someone you think you could settle down with, you actively want to do so with them.

You know your partner will say yes 

This may seem obvious, but if you feel the chance of your partner accepting your proposal is in doubt, then it’s probably not the right time to ask. If the ups and downs of your relationship are too many to count, don’t try to make things right by proposing. If you propose just because you want a quick fix, your partner might turn you down or, even worse, they might be blinded by the moment and accept your proposal only to doubt their decision later on. 

Propose when you know you’re both thinking the same way about spending your lives together, not when you’re trying to salvage your relationship. If you’re sure that they want the same thing as you, then you might want to think about what kind of ring they will want and whether they will want you to choose it for them or not. It doesn’t hurt to get an idea of what style they might like by looking at whiteflash diamond engagement rings for some inspiration.

You want to be with them as much as possible

Wanting to be around your partner all the time is a common feeling in the early stages of a relationship, or in the honeymoon phase. However if this feeling continues well after several years of being in a relationship with that same person, then you could be onto a winner. Wanting to spend time with your partner as companions, friends and lovers is a fantastic win meaning you’re not afraid to spend the good, the bad and ugly with a special person doing it by your side.

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