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Grandma’s Secret Beauty Hacks


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Grandma…. The word itself is enough to make a smile on your face. Every grandma has magic in her hands. Even it is no wonder that her mommy magic best beauty tips are useful even though they were decades ago. Her ageless beauty tips will never go wrong because she has the secret to keeping our glow. Many times we underestimate the power of hommy tricks, but don’t take it lightly. Because under their light, we get the real glow.

Following are Some Beauty Tips for You:

1.      For Smooth and Soft Skin

If you want soft and smooth skin, avoid applying harsh soap to the face. Generally, we all are using soap to clean the soap. But when you are running out of your facewash, don’t go for soap. Use grandma’s homemade face pack of Gram Flour. Or simply you can use salt/sugar as a natural moisturizer. You can use both separately as a scrubber.

2.      To Make Your Teeth Whiten

Nowadays everyone is facing a problem with their teeth. To make your teeth sparkle mix a little bit of water with a pinch of baking soda and brush it on your teeth twice a week.

3.      For Soften Hair

To make your hair soften, you need to massage your scalp with oil before washing it off. Without massaging your hair with oil, makes your hair ruff if you are not using any kind of conditioner. While you are using oil, don’t use a conditioner after washing your hair. Because oil itself is enough to soften your hair. According to me, coconut oil is the best to massage your scalp.

4.      Basic Hommy Make-Up

If you don’t want to use make-up that includes chemicals then you can use dried beetroot (powdered form) as a blush. Other than that the mixture of activated charcoal and coconut oil works great as your eyeliner.

5.      Weekend Special Skin (It’s Party Time)

For instant and fresh glow, you can add papaya to your list. Simply you can rub it on your face for a fresh look or you can also add it to your diet. As we all know that “The inside of the stomach comes to the face”.

6.      For the Perfect Pink Pout

Nowadays we all are using lip balm and lip gloss to moisturize and nourish our lips. But that results in brownie or black lips. But what our grandma is suggesting is to apply ghee on lips as ghee is the natural moisturizer. It prevents our lips from getting dry. And keeps our lips hydrated.

7.      For skin cleansing

You can use lemon and row honey as a natural cleanser. Take a slice of lemon and put 1-2 drops of honey on it. And then gently rub it on your face for 3-5 minutes. It gently removes impurities from your skin and makes it very glossy.

Other than that you can use your spit as a natural cleanser. When you apply your first fresh spit on your face, it kills germs and bacteria from your face and makes it neat and clean.

8.      For Removing Dark Circles

Today’s generation mainly faces dark circles problems due to lack of sleep, exhaustion, rubbing of eyes, etc. You can use potatoes as a natural remedy for dark circles. Just slice a potato, make it wash, and gently place that slice under your eye for 5-10 minutes and see the miracle.

9.      For Acne-Free Skin

 For anti-acne skin, a mixture of neem, turmeric powder, and olive oil is the best solution. Our grandmas are amazing. They are having the solution to each and every problem. To cure acne, just grind neem leaves and add turmeric powder and olive oil to it. Make a paste and store it in a small jar. You can apply this paste whenever you want. Try it. It really works.

Other than that, our grandma is suggesting we rub tomato on facial skin for fairness. And to gain a natural glow, avoid drinking packed juice. The better way is to drink natural fruit juice which is homemade. Let me tell you one more thing, even these tricks and solutions are not much expensive as your parlor treatment.

In spite of going to the parlor, you can also gain a fair look at a home through grandma’s hommy tricks. Your valuable comments and thoughts are waiting. Even if you have any inland ideas regarding such problems or any tricks then write us for beauty.

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