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Choosing A Dress Design That Suits A Plus Size Shape


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Are you a plus size beauty and are yet trying to figure out how to look your best and be able to radiate confidence? You don’t have to worry yourself too much and ponder how you can slim down for dresses designed for skinny women. In fact, everyone can look their best in special occasions. You just have to know how to know what your best assets are and be able to accentuate and flaunt them.

Every body shape has a style that would look good on it, all it takes is to know what style to pick. Thankfully, the information age has made a lot of tips on the matter available online. If you’re a curvaceous plus sized goddess, here’s a guide created with you in mind.

You may want to check out gorgeous plus size prom dresses for all sizes – from 14w to 32w. You can try shops such as Peaches Boutique, which has both physical as well as online stores. For the best trends, designers and styles to suit a range of budgets, you’ll discover everything you need and more.

With all the different shapes and sizes out there, no two women are the same. The generic style advice doesn’t translate to those with more to appreciate and love. The common plus sized body types normally fall under: hourglass, apple and pear however you could be a mixture of all.

How To Pick A Dress That Flatters Your Plus Size Figure

If You Have An Apple Body Type:

When you have an apple plus size figure, your legs tend to be slimmer with a larger bust and the top half of your body being bigger. For apple shapes, you want additional definition around your waist as you carry a lot of weight in the upper and mid part of your body. Remember to keep your legs on display too, so flared prom dresses or fitted gowns with pencil-like skirts are wonderful.

If You Have A Pear Body Type:

If you’re a pear shape then you will have wider hips, a smaller waist which is more defined and narrower shoulders. It is said that most women of today have this body type and they often have an hourglass shape too, so it’s important to realise they don’t have to be completely in one category. Stylistically then, you will want to balance the top half of the body with the bottom half as you find something tailormade for the bigger thighs and smaller waist. Mermaid ball gowns can really suit the pear frame and accentuate your curves. Also, belted dresses that show-off your smaller waist will look beautiful on you.

The hourglass body is a very well-balanced body type where the top of the chest is larger, the waist definition is still strong and the bottom is fuller. You want to emphasise the curves even further by wearing bets that cling to the waist and strappy dresses that show off the breasts and fitted knee length dresses to display the curvaceous hips. Classic cuts and dresses with structured tops and body cons will really suit the hourglass figure so make the most out of them!

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