How To Wear A Brooch

A Guide On How To Wear A Brooch


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Wearing accessories can make or break an outfit, with the right placement and a splash of colour that can really make all the difference. Take the brooch, for instance, an accessory that has recently enjoyed a global revival, and with that in mind, here are a few tips on how to make the most out of wearing a brooch.

  • Wearing With Blazers – Blazers are most definitely back in fashion, so check out the online antique dealer who has a wide selection of Art Deco and Art Nouveau brooches that will add a splash of colour and depth to any blazer.
  • Mixing The Old With The New – That lovely print dress could be paired with a brooch from the online antique dealer that offers vintage jewellery online at very affordable prices, with stunning Art Deco brooches that are ideal as party accessories. The online antique dealer is ideal for browsing an extensive selection of antique and vintage brooches, and when you find something ideal, a secure online payment sees the item packaged and despatched to your home address.
  • Adorning Hats – Your hat is another accessory that a brooch can complement, whether a Trilby, Panama or a woolly bobble hat, and with a little trial and error, you will be able to find the right brooch and the best placement. As a general rule, limit the wearing of brooches to one per outfit, as any more tends to look too busy, and you can always experiment with a few placements, sending your friends images for their opinion.
How To Wear A Brooch on hats
  • Placement Is Important – There are dress rules for wearing brooches; which are at breast height, either to the left or right, and quite frankly, any other placement simply doesn’t work. A central placement is fine, perhaps covering a button, and avoid brooches that are either large or small, choosing something in proportion to your outfit. Let’s not forget that a brooch can be worn with an accessory like a bag, hat or even a scarf, so don’t rule out any accessory. There are articles you can find online that look at innovative ways to include a brooch in your outfit, which make for interesting reads.
  • Brooches And Bags – We all have lots of colourful bags, and wearing a brooch on your bag is a great way to introduce some colour and texture. Look for contrasting colours, and with semi-precious stones, a brooch can provide a small focal point that isn’t too large or small.
  • Belts And Bag Straps – Yes, you can wear a brooch on a thick belt or even on the strap of your over-the-shoulder bag. Lots of bright colours with bold Art Deco brooches can transform that blank area, and with online antique dealers, you can view a great selection of vintage and antique brooches that might be perfect for your outfit.
How To Wear A Brooch on belts and bag straps

Brooches are most definitely in-vogue this year and next, so check your jewellery boxes and if you are lacking in that department, the online antique dealer is the person to talk to regarding antique and vintage brooches.

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