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How do I monetize my YouTube channel?


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Once you reach a target set by youtube itself you can apply for the monetization. But the point is not about completing the 4000 hours and 1000 subscribers. It is about how you can achieve that milestone or if you got that then how to grow further. Because with just monetization you can not make as much money as you want. So in this article, we will talk about how you can achieve those hours of views and subscribers. However, there are many methods to achieve that milestone. But here we will talk about the most commons ways those are followed by many digital marketing experts.

Post content consistently

If you are on youtube then you have to take it seriously because here you will get the best opportunity to make a good amount of money. Here you can make your successful career. That is why you should focus on consistency. You have to post your youtube video at a certain time period. You can choose a fixed time to post your content then be consistent with that. These types of actions are supported by youtube as well. With proper consistency, you have a high chance to increase your youtube views.

Improve your content on a daily basis:

However, you have to make quality content from day one. Although, you can compromise with your content in case you can not afford a better camera. Then at that time, you can work with what you have. As well as in this case, you can not afford to pay for some expensive editing software. Try to make it better with the limited resources. Once you get started to pay from youtube you can buy them. Because if you are providing that need clarity then you have to invest in some expensive stuff. By using some attractive graphics or images you can make your videos popular. With proper detailed and entertaining content usually like by most of the people. Because nobody comes on social media or youtube to waste their time. So try to make their time worth with your quality content.

Use better grafic effects on make thumbnail:

If you want to increase your view on youtube then you have to grab the attention of a user. So that they can at least visit your youtube video first. Other job will be the next but first you have to atleast give them a entry. And for that attractive entry you have to make a thumbnail that power to attract the user. Attract as the sense they feel that your videos can provide them whatever you need. You can use your main keywords in your thumbnail and if you want to add extra information then you can do that as well.

Because with some additional hint about the user’s query can increase the average CTR of your video. As well as you should use some specific types of color or images in your thumbnail. 


In the conclusion, I would like to suggest that if you have your own method that you have been tried. And if they are working properly then you feel free to follow them. Because sometimes some tested methods work better than some standard methods. That is why you should follow your path if you have any. Otherwise, these all are proven methods you can follow to increase your youtube video views at a very limited time period. And if you want to ease your work by buy real youtube subscribers then you can visit our website. We provide many types of social media marketing Delhi. Once you visit our site you would get all you need.

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