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3 Short Corrections For YouTube Music Video Promotion


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How do you promote your videos?

One of the most adaptable and effective content formats for your marketing plan is video for YouTube music video promotion. Because video marketing is fun and helps businesses modernize, it has a strong buy-in and even better ROI for marketers (return on investment). Customers adore videos because they are one of the simplest ways for them to absorb information while also requiring little effort on their part.

In fact, Forrester Research calculates that the message conveyed in just one minute of web video is equivalent to around 1.8 million printed words. Given that they only have 10 seconds to capture users’ attention, marketers can’t afford to ignore the value of video for YouTube music video promotion. The evidence is self-evident. According to studies, 8 out of every 10 video results from Google’s universal searches (which account for 62% of all searches) come from YouTube. Cisco also projects that by the end of 2021, video will make up more than 80% of all traffic. This shows that more potential buyers are consuming video in addition to marketers employing it more frequently.

The most crucial techniques to execute are B2B video marketing and promotion if you already have (or plan to add) videos to your website. By employing tools like video schema markup, your video’s content must be optimized for keywords in order to improve the likelihood that it will be found via search engines. Don’t forget to advertise your videos on the appropriate social media platforms that your audience utilizes in addition to having this read and index your video in order to improve search engine rankings.

Here are some of our best recommendations for enhancing your video marketing approach and ensuring that your video content reaches your intended audience.


The guidelines for optimising videos on YouTube and other platforms are the same as those for traditional content marketing.

Rich language in your video title and description, with the copy comprising your targeted keywords and the title of the video matching your thumbnail title, is a need for the best optimization technique. The likelihood of your video showing up at the top of the search results is further increased by including tags in the video for the words and phrases that correspond to what the video is about.

Most viewers won’t watch a video if it doesn’t have subtitles, thus video transcripts are important. It’s important to provide captions because not everyone in your audience will be able to hear the audio, which is necessary for accessibility reasons. Not to mention, 91% of viewers are more involved in the subtitled video compared to 66% for the subtitled version. Where there are voices speaking or a voiceover within a video, there should always be captions and transcriptions. These aid in keeping your video’s message clear even when viewers can’t or don’t want to use sound, as can be the case when they’re in a public setting.

It’s beneficial for SEO to offer a text alternative to your visual content to get YouTube Video Description . Transcriptions make it easier for visitors and search engines to find your information, especially when it’s hosted on your own website. You have more chances to rank for the keywords you’ve picked thanks to transcriptions, which also improve your search ability.

Last but not least, calls to action (CTAs) in the YouTube video descriptions might help direct viewers to the page on your website where you want them to convert. A smart way to keep your audience interested and entice them to visit your channel for new content is to group your videos that address a recurrent theme or issue into a series.

Tip: Pay close attention to your transcript if your video is very long. To format the content, provide headers, subheadings, and bullet points. If necessary, include extra keywords. You might be able to extract numerous pieces of content from a single video by doing this!

Check out our eBook, “The Complete Guide to B2B Video Marketing,” for more wonderful advice on how video marketing may revolutionize your B2B company:


Your video thumbnail is extremely important to the search engines. This is due to the fact that the thumbnail, which consumers will see initially while viewing your video, is a crucial factor in determining whether or not they click through to your page.

As a result, it has a big responsibility for playing such a minor part in the entire video. It’s best to choose a thumbnail image that best summarizes the content of your video or that best symbolizes your brand because it needs to convey to consumers what they can expect if they click.

Google advises when producing thumbnails for YouTube:

  • have a 1280 x 720 resolution (with a minimum width of 640 pixels)
  • are submitted using the correct picture file types (JPG, GIF, PNG)
  • are less than the 2MB cap
  • Utilize a 16:9 aspect ratio since this is what YouTube players and previews most frequently use.

Don’t let your hosting platform choose this image for you under any circumstances. If you don’t choose your thumbnail intentionally, it will frequently be chosen for you, which means it will most likely be a random frame or something utterly unrelated to the subject of your video. Choose the best alternative possible because doing otherwise would turn off users and search engines.


There are various ways to get the individuals you want to see your videos to do so. In addition to adding videos to web pages and blog posts, there are other ways to advertise your videos, such as:


Social networking is one of the finest methods to get any of your content seen, but particularly video. It is another tremendously potent weapon. A staggering 93% of firms claim that a social media video brought them a new customer, and it’s thought that video commercials in particular are the most common way for consumers to learn about brands they will eventually buy from.

Be sure to distribute your videos on other social media sites, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and even Pinterest, that are relevant to your target demographic in addition to YouTube. While you wait for the long-term beneficial effects of SEO, you’ll discover that by posting your videos in the appropriate locations, you’ll obtain immediate results.


Have a new company video to promote? Or are you launching a new product? Email it to everyone! This not only grants subscribers to your email list exclusive access to your video content, but it also increases the number of high-quality leads who watch your video.

By limiting your mailing list to individuals who will find the video interesting, you can even go one step further. Use video to upsell, for instance, if specific consumers are more inclined to buy your new product. Use video to reassure potential clients if they have questions about a certain component of your business. There are countless options.


You can’t afford to miss out on the B2B video marketing chances that using video affords you, since it is quickly overtaking text as the most popular type of content online.

Continue to optimize your videos through trial and error using the five suggestions listed above to make sure they are best positioned to be noticed by your target audience. Although it takes time, video marketing is worthwhile. And why stop there?

You won’t become an expert at video marketing over night; in fact, the reverse is true. Check out our free eBook to get started on the path to producing awesome video content if you want to learn more about how video marketing can change your company.

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