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Transform Your Garden Into an Oasis With These 7 Landscaping Ideas


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A garden is supposed to be a source of refuge and enjoyment, regardless of its size. After all, it has plenty to offer – sun, shade, fresh air, and perhaps even a scenic view. But if your outdoor living space seems a place you want to get away from, now is the time to fix it!
A yard that is cluttered with plenty of outdoor structures, patio furniture, and children’s play equipment will appear chaotic. So find time to clear the clutter, prune overgrown hedges and trees, and relocate play equipment. You can also remove or re-purpose broken accessories and furniture.
Once your yard or garden is clean, determine what elements are necessary to make it a truly relaxing place. For instance, you may wish to contact a company similar to the likes you can find on to revitalize your lawn to kickstart your garden transformation.

Here are several landscaping ideas to transform your space into a private oasis.

1. Get the most out of the view
If you are lucky to live in a house with a great view such as the community park, pond or golf course, do not hesitate to create a space from which you can enjoy the scenery daily. Prune overgrown trees and hedges if they block the view. Also, frame the view with furnishings and landscaping. But make sure that the landscape blends with the nearby view and environment.
2. Create privacy
Privacy is a crucial part of a tranquil outdoor space. Secluding the area with screens, fences or walls of a suitable height will provide your space with a sense of surprise and mystery as you move through the entire landscape. Adding overhead roofs can also provide the necessary shade and an extra feeling of seclusion.
3. Add comfortable seating
Lounge chairs, chaise longues or a deep seating set will help you relax and stretch out, whether it is by a swimming pool, under an umbrella, on the balcony or on a deck. Comfortable seating will encourage you to spend quality time outdoors instead of just sitting at your patio dining table. You can even add a hammock for a serious element of relaxation.
4. Install a water feature
A private swimming pool is the perfect water feature in a yard. If you don’t have one and you have enough space for it, let a swimming pool contractor build one for you. This water feature can cool you off, allowing you to exercise within your own yard.
A hot tub is also a great option. Besides, nothing is more soothing than having a soak in a hot tub. Regardless of how many people the tub can accommodate, the bubbles and hot water help with relaxation.
The sound and sight of water have a restorative, calming effect on people. So if your space or budget does not permit the construction of a pool, consider installing other water features. These include a moderately-sized fountain, birdbath, garden pond, wading pool, or a koi pond.
5. Add some fire
A fireplace, chiminea or a fire pit can instantly add warmth to your backyard, especially in the evening or during cooler months. Today, there are portable fire pit models you can purchase. If not, you can let a landscaping expert build or install one for you. Just make sure, though, that it is not under a roof, near any structures or on top of a wooden deck.
6. Landscape rightly
Carefully selected plants that look natural in their setting set a pleasant mood. When it comes to landscaping, the key is to choose shrubs and plants that adapt well to your area. You can enlist professional help from a landscaping expert if you are not aware of which plants thrive best in your place.
Fragrant plants are also a great addition to a relaxing yard. Instead of using scented candles, planting the real thing is a better option. Since the intoxicating scents of vines and flowering shrubs are strong in the evening, opt for species that are ideal near dining or outdoor seating areas.
7. Light up
Proper outdoor lighting will lure you, your family or guests outdoors, and keep you there for a cozy relaxing evening.
Make your garden spectacular at night by having strings of solar lights spun around the trees, pathfinders on your turf, and ornamental tea-lights on the table. Though you will not need them every night, they can make a gathering more special and memorable. Solar lights are not just affordable but are also Eco-friendly.
No matter how small or big your garden is, you can turn it into an amazing outdoor oasis. All you need to do is incorporate some design elements to create a wonderful and soothing private outdoor escape.

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