Top 4 Tips To Promote Music On YouTube In 2023

Top 4 Tips To Promote Music On YouTube In 2023


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Every day, five billion videos on YouTube are seen worldwide. With viewers spending an average of 40 minutes every YouTube session, YouTube is as popular as ever to promote music on YouTube. Also, two out of every three prospective customers watch YouTube videos before making a purchase . The next thing you should learn is how to monetize YouTube in light of this digital transformation. To get started on YouTube, all you need is a computer with video editing software.

For instance, little Ryan earned a staggering $30 million on Ryan’s Toy Review by messing around and disassembling toys. Not bad for tinkering with technology. In fact, everyone wants in on the action when you consider how much money YouTubers make. There are no longer only a few platinum musicians, niche businesspeople, or enormous influencers who can make money to promote music on YouTube. There are numerous ways for regular individuals to profit from YouTube.

Yet, your strategy needs to be more calculated.

I’ll discuss the several ways you can start earning money on YouTube this year in this article.

Let’s get going.

Disclaimer: Some of the links below are provided at no cost to you thanks to affiliate money from me. But these are the greatest resources I’ve tried and tested that I think work the best for monetizing YouTube. Our privacy policy contains a complete affiliate disclaimer that you can read.

Making Money on YouTube

As a video creator, it is feasible to get a sizable income from your YouTube account, but it is also not the simplest thing to do.

Every single minute, 500 hours of video are posted worldwide to YouTube.

Numbers are reliable

As a result, there is a lot of competition, which makes it harder to make a lot of money online.

These are some effective tactics you may use to maximise your potential for YouTube income.

1. Utilize affiliate links on YouTube to monetize your channel

For channels that provide in-depth instructions and informative product reviews, promoting affiliate links can be a huge source of income.

You will begin receiving compensation, for instance, if you promote a product and a user clicks on your link to make a purchase.

You can talk about these links in your video content and include them in the first few words of your description.

Similar to marketing affiliate connections on your site, posting affiliate links on YouTube.

Because you want your videos to be perceived as exclusive content that your audience can’t just obtain anywhere else, you shouldn’t plaster affiliate links all over your YouTube content just for the money.

Remember that readers will only click on these links if they regard you as a reliable source.

Helping your audience handle real-world problems and offering courses will help you gain their trust and increase the number of subscribers.

Also, you can produce videos that provide solutions you have already found on your own.

You may sign up for a lot of affiliate programmes.

On a well-known affiliate network like Shareasale or Awin, you may sign up for numerous programmes in one location.

The greatest method for generating YouTube premium income is to launch a blog in tandem with your YouTube channel and include affiliate connections there as well.

In this approach, you can monetize YouTube while still having a website on a platform that you own (while paying attention to monetization restrictions and eligibility requirements).

Getting started with Bluehost web hosting is the first step for new bloggers.

You can read my complete Bluehost review here. Bluehost is the “official” web hosting service suggested by

How to begin going is as follows:

  • Click Get Started on to get going.
  • Choose a hosting package. ($30/month is the least you’ll pay with my link)
  • Choose an existing domain name for your website or type a new one.
  • Enter your billing information, account details, and account plan.
  • The add-ons Sitelock Security and Codeguard Basic can be unchecked.
  • Once you click Submit, you may start.

2. Join YouTube Partners to make money from video adverts

Ads are the primary source of income for many YouTubers.

You can generate income as a YouTube Partner in a variety of ways.

Prior to your videos, channel memberships, or banner advertisements from Google AdSense are all ways to monetize your content.

However, there are some guidelines to follow as well as some requirements needed to get started before being a registered YouTube Partner.

In addition to following YouTube’s commercial policies, you also need to have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 minimum video view hours over the last 12 months on your channel.

There is no set schedule or format for obtaining these 4,000 foundational hours. You can watch 40 YouTube videos for 100 hours total, or any other combination, to reach 4,000 hours.

For instance, it took Gangnam Style, a well-known international success, a long five months to reach 1 billion views.

Despacito, on the other hand, became a popular video much more quickly, reaching 1 billion views in just 97 days.

You can begin to make money from commercials once you have successfully reached the 4,000 hour requirement and been accepted as a YouTube Partner.

Yet, you might not always be able to rely solely on YouTube ads to generate income.

There are additional ways to maximise your earning potential on YouTube.

A fantastic approach to make money is to occasionally do a live stream. Real-time and the live component are very popular.

If you have a following of devoted subscribers who regularly watch your stream, they will undoubtedly want to make a purchase from you.

The addition of super chat and super stickers is another feature that YouTube has added.

These capabilities allow your YouTube premium members to purchase chat messages that can be displayed above your standard chat feedback but differ from the standard ones.

This implies that you have access to a second source of income. In addition to the commercials you have on your videos, this might be a terrific method to get money from your subscribers.

3. Use fan funding to monetize your YouTube channel

If you’ve developed a fan base of devoted subscribers, asking them to crowdfund your channel can help you pay for new videos and increase revenue.

The procedure of getting compensated for your content is more smoothly implemented with the help of a crowdfunding platform like Patreon.

Your subscribers can subscribe to their favourites channels for as little as a dollar, and some of them even receive special gifts from their favourites YouTube artists.

You can combine one-time and recurring gifts with Tipee, another service.

Both for-profit and nonprofit channels are using their viewers’ fan donations to keep their video operations running smoothly.

You would be surprised at how your visitors open the floodgates of generosity as long as the type of content you produce is fascinating, amusing, or adding value.

When choosing how to ask for donations, it’s also essential to understand the demographics of your audience.

4. Perfect Your SEO for YouTube

YouTube SEO needs to be maximised this year for video creators who haven’t yet attracted a sizable audience.

To achieve that, conduct keyword research like you normally would, but alter your perspective slightly based on what people are looking for on YouTube.

Next, check to see if the title, description, and video tags of your video include high-value keywords.

When your channel is up and running, you can look at the “Traffic Source: YouTube search” report to see what people are looking for to find your hosted videos.

Google typically offers video results for how-to, reviews, tutorials, and humorous video topics.

There are five other crucial YouTube SEO ranking elements to take into account:

  • Comments: number
  • after watching a video, subscribers
  • Ratio of thumbs-up to-down votes
  • Video duration
  • click-through rate on search results from YouTube

The fundamentals of SEO, such as providing excellent content and receiving links from top channels, are still applicable to YouTube search results.

Remember that getting a page one Google ranking for a competitive keyword will only get harder.

YouTube receives more video uploads per minute than all other video repositories combined!

Thus, SEO is not a quick process (but can be accelerated with these strategies).

One benefit of YouTube that you may take advantage of is how simple it is to collaborate and build partnerships with the appropriate individuals

It can attract a tonne of new viewers to your own channel if you allow a well-known YouTube partner to include you in one of their videos or the other way around.

But for this choice, make sure you pick an influencer with a sizable (or ideally larger) following who is relevant and popular and viral on YouTube.

Find other YouTubers with a channel that is similar to yours in order to locate prospective collaborators.

You can also use the following search criteria to find possible collaborators on Google: “your keyword” + “collaborate.”

You might also think about giving other well-known channels shout-outs in return for them mentioning your channel

You might be able to draw in new viewers by collaborating with other creators who aren’t already familiar with your channel.

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