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Colorful, Fresh And Savory Eats In Dubai You Should Try


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Dubai Marina Boat Restaurant

Dubai is one of the top travel destinations in the world and it edges other cities in “superlative” lists by being impressively progressive. Great developments have risen in this desert city, defying the limitations imposed by its natural conditions. If you want to see how man has made something seemingly impossible possible, Dubai definitely is the place to go.

On top of this, over the years, Dubai has also earned a reputation for being a gastronomic capital. As a city that enjoys a larger population of expats than true locals, it easily became a cultural melting pot of cuisines (there’s even a high-rated North Korean restaurant here where authentic dishes and entertainment are combined for a pleasurable dining experience).
There’s a great abundance of dining establishments all over the city. So, whatever your budget may be, you’re sure to find a restaurant, café, or even a take-out place that’s perfect for it.
Dubai weather has a unique impact on people’s appetite. The scorching heat of the day will have you craving for colorful, fresh and savory dishes and beverages. If these are what you need to fuel your exploration of the city, listed below are the best places for fresh and yummy eats and drinks.

1. Aprons & Hammers

Aprons & Hammers
This popular Dubai Marina boat restaurant doesn’t only serve the freshest fish and shellfish; it also offers refreshing salads and beverages. Although the offerings here are more expensive than those in typical waterfront dining places, everything is completely worth its price in terms of freshness and preparation.
Plus, if you want to enjoy a cold beer, Aprons & Hammers is one of the rare places where you can (just make sure you have your alcohol license with you).

2. Bombay Bites

This is a café that offers amazing Indian food. Everything is served fresh because the menu is mostly composed of favorite street foods (Vada Pav, Misal Pav, Sev Puri) that have a lot of vegetables, herbs and spices. You may think that spicy and savory dishes aren’t the best picks to eat before touring a hot city, but Bombay Bites serves teas (Masala tea is a favorite) and juices that effectively neutralize the heat of the appetizers and entrees.
Perhaps what you’ll love the most about Bombay Bites is the price of the menu items. All items are affordable, yet the food is certainly satisfyingly high quality. But because it’s such a budget-friendly place, it gets packed rather easily. So, if you want to enjoy a meal with friends, come early to get some seats.

3. Bertin Bistro and Restaurant

Bertin Bistro and Restaurant
If you want the taste of Europe (French, Moroccan, and Spanish) in a completely relaxed yet stylish setting, Bertin Bistro and Restaurant is definitely worth visiting. The ambiance is not all it has to offer, though; it has such an extensive menu that will delight your taste buds. Like the previous dining destinations mentioned, fresh and savory items are offered here as well.
Unlike the other restaurants, however, Bertin also offers baked goodies and a colorful selection of other sweets. A must-try is the Bertin Pain Perdu.

4. Zagol Betekitfo

This Ethiopian restaurant enjoys a loyal clientele because everything on the menu is affordable, and when it comes to the flavors, you really wouldn’t ask for more. Beyayenet is the most popular dish and it’s an explosion of flavors due to the different sauces, curries and lentils. You’ll enjoy the fresh taste that you’re not going to find easily anywhere else.

5. The Fish Basket

The Fish Basket
This is where you can get affordable fish dishes that are cooked absolutely fresh for you. Plus, there’s no shortage of sides here to make your meal completely satisfying – from dips to various sauces and salads. Here, you’ll also be able to enjoy other kinds of seafood such as crabs and prawns.
These are just a few examples of the most highly recommended dining stops for foodies in Dubai. Check them out on your next visit so that you can personally discover why everybody raves about the fresh flavors they offer.

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