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Anthony Constantinou Advice to Stay Fit Without Going to Gym


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If you are not going to the gym that doesn’t mean you can’t stay fit. As we are facing the COVID-19 outbreak, staying active become necessary for our physical and mental happiness. Well, outdoor exercise perhaps not right for everyone. Luckily, with lots of free online classes and cost-effective exercise equipment, working out at home becomes easier.

So, if you are looking to keep yourself moving and want an alternative to the gym, follow the tips shared by Anthony Constantinou CWM for staying fit at home.

Set fitness aim for yourself

Whether it’s raising the number of push-ups you can perform or running a few miles or just losing a few pounds, setting goals for yourself and working towards achieving it, keeps you motivated.

Strength training grows muscle power, while cardio exercises burn fat, and recovers heart and lung health. Once you are aware of what you want to get you can then choose the right home equipment.

Never forget to warm up

Spending at least 5 to 10 minutes in the warm-up before a workout, usually pumps up your heart rate and increase blood flow to your muscles and relax your joints. This will decrease the risk of injury and mean less pressure on your body. The intensity of warm up will depend on what exercise you are going to do.

Always exercise in the right posture

It’s crucial to learn how to do a specific exercise before beginning it. Good posture means good results, while poor posture always has a chance of injury. If you are not able to perform an exercise properly, take a figurative step back. There is no harm in slowing down or cutting down the resistance on a cross-trainer, running machine, or rowing machine. If you are facing trouble to lift weights rightly, decrease the weight size or repetitions you do. Avoid harming yourself.

Not follow one exercise regime continuously

Whether you simply wish to keep things exciting, gain more muscle, or increase your endurance, frequently changing your exercise and its intensity is really helpful. If you are repeating exactly the same routines without variation, your body will not show the improvement you want. According to Anthony Constantinou CWM, it’s good to include a mix of cardio and strength training into your schedule. You could even try interval training that means mixing bouts of high-intensity workout with short periods of low-intensity workout or rest. This can help you get fitter much quicker than normal.

Maintain momentum

We all find some days when we don’t want to do any physical activity and it’s normal, but try not to break more than a week. Leaving exercise for more than a week can divert your mind, and you find a lack of motivation and endurance. In the end, there is a risk to give up exercise completely. If not complete, you can do around 45 minutes of moderate-intensity workout to keep yourself fit. You can consider rowing if you want a whole-body workout without much equipment. It uses nearly 85% of your muscles and will raise your stamina.

Take help of online classes

Online classes are available to help you get motivated and make you feel part of a healthy society. There are thousands of free online resources, which you can search on YouTube and other social media platforms. There are several live streams from different fitness experts as well. If you need personal guidance, then you can take a paid subscription and get personal instructions from a lead trainer via a video service.

Perform Multitasking Activities

One of the advantages of working out at home is saving time. By not going back and forth to the gym, you save time, meanwhile, you can even watch your favorite TV program or listen to your favorite songs, even read a book while exercising at home. However, it’s good to avoid any kind of distraction while performing any physical activities be it at home or the gym.

Eating healthy 

Healthy eating after working out is essential. It will not only help your body and muscle to recover but keeps you fit for the next workout session and provides you the energy boost to perform other jobs throughout the day.

Take Proper Rest between Exercise

Continuously working out your body either in the gym or at home will not help you attain your fitness goals much quicker. In fact, it will most likely slow you down. Proper resting your muscles between exercises is necessary to let them get better and repair. It’s essential to take one day off from the exercise schedule that will not only help your body to grow in perfect shape but keeps you more motivated towards achieving your goal, as physical rest is as important as mental rest.

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