Waterproof Dog Bed

6 Tips for Choosing A Waterproof Dog Bed


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Waterproof dog beds are a sensible and right choice for your lovable pet pooches, especially those who love to relax outdoors. Or if your pet buddy suffers from incontinence, the outer layer keeps the entire bed from getting wet. A waterproof dog bed comes with a mackintosh cover in a literal sense, stitched onto the cloth cover’s back-side. It thus helps in restricting any liquid flowing inside. But then, all things come with dual aspects – pros and cons. Though a waterproof bed sounds very healthy, secure, and worth the expense, it also comes with certain negative aspects. Read below the five tips for choosing a waterproof dog bed to get better know-how while planning to purchase one for your royal canin.

6 Tips for Choosing A Waterproof Dog Bed

  1. Reasons behind the purchase

Several reasons are behind the requirement of waterproof dog beds. These reasons are worth considering, as you will not want your adorable pooch sleep with a lot of discomforts. Firstly, with the aid of a waterproof bed, your doggie will remain cozy and comfy, not wipe his bed from overheating. Secondly, a waterproof bed makes a pooch’s bed a long-lasting one, as it never allows his pee-water to seep inside the bed’s inner layer. Thirdly, and most importantly, you can clean their mattress easily by opening the outer cover.  

2. Bed within budget

While purchasing waterproof beds for your pet buddy, you should always keep his level of comfort in mind. Many good pet retail outlets have the provision to get your pooch along while purchasing his bed. You can measure his body length and then ask for one accordingly. Always buy a bed that is a size bigger, as compared to your pooch. It caters to his leg space while he has enough room to stretch, sleep, or shift. But then, budget is one of the significant factors you should try analyzing before heading to any pet store. Most of their beds come a bit expensive, especially the orthopedic-graded memory foam beds. These beds are made of the high-end quality of foam, apart from the waterproof outer-material. The cushioning never has any adverse effect on his joints and muscles when he gets up or moves inside the four corners of the bed. However, purchase a good-quality waterproof bed for your adorable pooch and let him have a good and relaxed sleep.

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3. Outer-cover and closure

Your pooch’s waterproof bed comes with a specific type of cover. Most of the waterproof covers have a unique outer layer, which creates some noises when your pet pooch tries to shift position. Hence, while buying, ensure that the outer waterproof cover makes less noise, and you can wash and clean it easily. While cleaning the same, you might have to open the outer layer. And it is available in two kinds – with good-quality zip and Velcro-straps. Plan to buy the ones with a zipper, as it keeps the waterproof cover at one place, and is long-lasting. The traditional Velcro-straps start collecting your pooch’s hair very fast, resulting in its ineffectiveness.

4. Hassle-free maintenance and permanency

You can ask the pet store individual to show the dog beds with waterproof cover, as its maintenance is hassle-free. Buy the one which you can remove easily from the main bed and wash it in your machine. Your furry pet buddy will spend his maximum time lazing inside his private space. So, ensure its permanency of withstanding the twisting and turning inside the washing machine, apart from your pet buddy’s constant movement. Check the fasteners, seams, corners, and the material (whether it is frail or pencil-thin), before choosing a waterproof bed for your four-legged Fido. 

5. Foam rubber-backing

If your living space has a hard-floor, tile, marble, or a laminate one, chances of the sliding of the bed become very prominent. It will mainly happen when your pooch tries to shift inside the same. Choose one which comes with foam rubber backing, or have some small rubber pieces attached at its base. It prevents the bed from shifting or slipping when your pet partner tries to scamper inside his ‘cushiony’ space. Also, it will keep him at ease while moving in their bed.

6. Bed Shape and inner-padding

The dog beds are available in many shapes and designs. Once at the store, take some time out to reconsider your pet buddy’s comfort. Never purchase those that look fancy, as most of them never cater to their essential well-being. Buy the ones having an elevated platform on three corners to give total support to your adorable pooch. While inside his cozy corner, the waterproof bed should help in easing his muscles and relax well. The stuffing also matters the most. Irrespective of being made or orthopedic foam, or a regular one, also ensure its stuffing inside the outer cover. It should be smooth on all sides and the center as well.  

Buddy point…!

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Our pet pooches do deserve an excellent place to laze around and sleep. And what can be better than a unique waterproof dog bed? These bed types will keep him dry, comfortable, and clean. They are the most hygienic kind of dog bed available in today’s time. While buying one for your pooch, keep all the five essential tips in mind to give your canine companion the best!

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