Rattan Furnitures Lifespan

Do These 6 Tips to Expand Your Rattan Furnitures Lifespan


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Rattan has always been one of the crowd’s favourites in producing crafts and different home collections. That’s why it’s known as a classic and modern piece of home furniture all at the same time. 

If you also have a big heart for filling your home with anything that’s rattan, then you might know how rattan furniture can easily give elegance and vibrance to a place. And aside from rattan’s cultivated beauty, it’s also known for its durability, firmness, and strength. 

But, although rattan is naturally durable and easy to maintain, you must know that there are still some ways you can add on your to-do list to expand your rattan furniture’s lifespan. 

So, if you’re curious as to how you can give your rattan babies a longer life, then you better not leave these pages and finish reading instead. 

  1. Always be gentle when cleaning rattan furniture.
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When cleaning your rattan furniture, there’s no need to use furniture polish. Also, don’t ever use abrasive creams or paint thinners for cleaning your rattan furniture. 

It’s because the key to lengthen your rattan furniture’s durability and strength is to clean it gently. As simple as dusting it with a soft cloth would do.

  1. Don’t soak the rattan furniture and dry it well.

When you own rattan furniture, the cleaning and dusting process might be the most complicated part since you need to keep some necessary factors in mind. When cleaning rattan furniture, a damp and soft cloth with a little amount of furniture cleaner is okay. 

But see to it that you won’t soak your rattan furniture that much. If it starts to appear overly saturated, you may treat it by drying it well outside with the help of the sunlight. Also, avoid bending rattan furniture, especially when it’s wet as it may turn into its original shape. 

  1. Use a brush attachment when you vacuum rattan furniture.
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Rattan furniture deserves a deep cleaning treatment too. So, deep clean your rattan babies using a brush attachment as your vacuum each rattan piece.

Vacuum cleaner’s brush attachment is ideal for cleaning the furniture fissures and woven panels. You can also clean or dust rattan furniture by hand using a dry brush with medium bristles. 

  1. Don’t drag the furniture when moving it into another space.

If you’re used to moving your home furniture by dragging them to get them to your desired place faster, then you better not do it to your rattan furniture if you want to give it a longer lifespan.

When moving your rattan babies into another space, you may ask someone to help you lift the objects instead of dragging them alone by yourself. 

Dragging rattan furniture from one place to another will only make the fibres vulnerable to split up, which may affect its durability and lifespan. And of course, no owner doesn’t want that to happen, right?   

  1. Use rubber stoppers or felt pads for its feet.
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Some of you might already know the trick of using spare or unused socks to protect the feet of your beloved chairs, right? If so, then the same thing goes for your rattan furniture. 

Protect its feet by putting rubber stoppers or felts pads. For a more convenient trick, you can use your spare socks if you want.

  1. Make humidifying a habit if you’re in a warm or dry place.

If your location is mostly dry and warm, and you own several pieces of rattan furniture, then you must make humidifying a habit. It’s because natural plant fibres like rattan also need a dose of humidity.

Too much heat or warm temperature may dry out the rattan fibres. But don’t worry because you can now give your rattan babies extra tender loving care by using humidifiers in your place. 

The bottom line: 

Buying rattan furniture is a worthy investment as it comes with numerous surreal designs. Not only that it effortlessly adds beauty and life to a place, but it’s also durable and long lasting home furniture to have. 

So, if this article sounds interesting for you, feel free to share it with your family and friends too. And if you have more rattan furniture care tips to share, feel free to drop them in the comment section below. 

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