Top 4 Wall Decor Ideas to Fill Your Space


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The decoration of our walls is only limited by our imagination. Wall decor is one of the most interesting aspects of home décor. Here, we bring you the 4 most interesting ways to fill your wall creatively.

When it comes to your home, each wall is a canvas waiting to be painted with your ideas. Most of us do take wall décor seriously, but fall short on extensive décor ideas due to lack of money and sometimes lack of imagination. Well, you don’t have to worry anymore as we have brought 4 great wall décor design ideas for all of you. We haven’t included common ideas like a wall décor mirror or a wall décor gallery because everyone knows them.

Here are our wall decor ideas:

  1. Wall Décor for the Inspired: A Cork Bulletin Wall

The name says it all. You can convert a normal wall in your home to a full-scale bulletin board. This is extremely ideal for a wall in the room of a developing kid or your office. It can serve as your canvas. It is ever-changing and can be filled with anything, from photos to ideas to schedules. You are literally giving yourself a huge blank slate which you can fill over time. This board can become a reminder of things for you, and the various pinned items on it can show you how time has passed. It is a very easy way to personalize your wall, and quite friendly for your pocket too.

  1. Décor for the Organized: Shelves

Shelves are not unheard of when it comes to wall decorations. However, what we are asking you to do is make the entire wall a huge display case. There are various options for shelves that you can browse through and select. You can make a grid spanning from one end to the other. You can make a unique design for your home which fits the overall theme. You can keep it extremely minimalistic by using just slabs as shelves.

Once you choose the perfect shelf design, you can start thinking of what to fill it with. You can fill it up with books. You can fill it up with artwork. You can display any specific collection you have (a collection of your china for example). You can make it a display case for anything you want. This idea gives you a basic blueprint and then lets your imagination take over. An ideal décor idea for the home maker in you.

  1. One for the Nature Lover in You: A Living Wall

Probably the most expensive idea on our list, this one also has a very intriguing and mystifying appeal to it. A living wall is gaining a lot of traction among interior designers. They are a great way to embed some nature into your home. You can use plants that look good or have air-purifying abilities. You should be careful to choose plants that can thrive without a lot of sunlight.

There are various ways for pulling this off: installing a proper vertical garden, getting furniture to properly arrange your plants, or simply hanging pots on your wall. You can then decide if you want to water them daily or set up an automatic irrigation system. You can provide great wall décor inspiration to others by putting this up.

  1. One for the Minimalist: A Photo Trail

One of the easiest DIY wall décor ideas out there, this is also something that gives off a striking appearance. You can either get normal photos printed out or get Polaroid of your precious moments. Then you can use nails and some string to hang them on your wall any way you want.

Once your photo trail is done, you can amp the look by using various wall décor lights like fairy lights. You can draw something on the wall itself to go with the photos. It is quite literally a DIY idea. This is one of the fastest ways and also one of the cheapest. An additional benefit is that it is very easy to remove should you choose to get anything else.

Just paint may look incredible and fit with your theme, but it cannot make your room look personalized. If you want to convert your house into your home, you should look towards decorating all these empty spaces in front of you. Did you like these ideas? How did you decorate or redecorate your walls? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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