5 Dangerous Side Effects of Wearing High Heels You Need To Know


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Many women all over the world tend to wear high heels regularly. Indeed, shoes with high heels look beautiful and make the whole look more sophisticated. But in addition to these benefits, high heels can cause a lot of unpleasant consequences.

Even if you wear high heels rarely, you may notice how achy your feet and back are afterward. It is important to understand that if you wear a low or middle heel, it will not worsen your look but will save your body. Here is a list of

Five dangerous side effects of wearing high heels you need to know

1. Back pain

Women who tend to wear high heels constantly, often experience lower back pain. The increased load on the balls of your foot makes your pelvis tilt forward. As a result, you lean back and increase the arch in the lower back, which puts stress on the lumbar spine.

Additionally, you should understand that the higher heels you wear, the more severe back pain can occur. If you already experience lower back pain, it is essential to visit a specialist and switch to low heels. It is important to understand that your health is more important than a glamorous look.

2. Impaired blood circulation

When you wear high heels, your feet and leg muscles are constantly tense. This can result in poor blood circulation and other unpleasant conditions. That’s why it is better to wear lower heels. Moreover, if you have varicose veins or other circulatory disorders, you should avoid wearing high heels.

3. Ankle sprain

An ankle sprain is a condition that means stretching or tearing of ankle ligaments. It is a quite painful condition that may require immediate medical attention. Even though mild ankle sprain can be treated with the help of proper self-care and OTC painkillers, it is still important to visit a doctor to evaluate your condition.

Women who wear high heels are extremely prime to ankle sprain since ankles aren’t built to take that kind of pressure. When you twist your ankle, it may be difficult to avoid an injury. This means that you should be extremely careful while wearing high heels and avoid uneven surfaces.

4. Arthritis aggravation

Arthritis is a joint inflammation that can cause swelling, redness, and severe pain in the affected area. If you have arthritis (especially, in your knees and feet), wearing high heels can cause additional pressure on your joints. This can aggravate your condition and lead to more intense pain.

5. Foot pain and issues

Mast women experience foot pain after spending the whole day on high heels. If the pain can be eliminated by a foot bath or massage, it is not considered dangerous. But if your feet are constantly aching, it may be a sign of a certain underlying condition.

There are a lot of foot issues that can occur or worsen because of regular wearing of high heels. If you already have calluses, bunions, or hammertoes, it is better to avoid high heels and visit a foot doctor to undergo proper treatment for these conditions.

The bottom line

In addition to the aforementioned consequences, wearing high heels can increase your risk of fractures and other injuries since it is more difficult to hold the balance. If you still can’t refuse wearing high heels, try to choose platform heels. A platform through the front of the shoe will lift the ball of the foot and heel, putting less pressure on the ball in general. You should understand that it is essential to pay attention to your well-being, not only to your appearance.

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