Keeping Your Office Warm this Winter


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Is there anything worse than trying to work when it’s cold? When you’ve spent a horrible commute sitting in traffic in awful conditions, perhaps trying hard to get to work safely, after spending twenty minutes deicing your car in the first place. Only to get to your office to find that it’s freezing cold, that you can barely type because your fingers are hurting, and you can see your breath in front of your face. Even a well-heated office can take a while to warm up first thing in the morning. 

If you employ staff, it’s even more vital that you keep them warm. Cold staff aren’t happy. They can’t think creatively, they aren’t productive, and they might also become ill if they are forced to work in less than ideal conditions. Here’s a look at some ways to keep your office warm this winter. 

Use Reliable Heating

The worst thing that can happen when it’s freezing cold outside is your heating system dying. Perhaps because your supplier is having problems due to the weather. One solution is heating your office, as well as running your machinery, yourself. Fuel Box can provide red diesel, which you can burn to create heat and energy, without having to rely on a supplier. 

Encourage Movement

One of the best ways to keep warm when it’s cold is to move more. When we’re sitting still, we feel colder, our limbs get stiff, our heartbeat slows, and our circulation suffers. Get up and move, and your blood pumps faster, warming you up and keeping your extremities loose and comfortable. Get everyone up and moving for at least a few minutes every hour. In a relatively warm office, just a short walk should help, but if you are especially cold, jumping up and down can be more effective. Do it as a group, so no one feels silly. Or at least so that you all feel stupid together. 

Change the Decor

White space, light paint, and neutral colors are often encouraged in a workspace. They keep us alert, help us to focus and inspire creativity. But, they aren’t warming. Keep your walls light, but consider darker accessories and furniture, and move desks and other pieces closer together, to decrease empty space between people. 

Make Additions to Your Dress Code

If you have a smart casual dress code, and your team usually wear business dress, consider adding jumpers. You could even buy everyone a company fleece, or at least let them know that they are free to add some layers while it’s cold. 

Close the Doors

Hopefully, you are already closing the external doors, but closing connecting doors will also help. Make your spaces as small as possible to keep warm air in. You might even want to start sharing offices or encourage everyone to work in one communal area, closing the doors to make a smaller space. 

Add Some Gadgets

There are plenty of gadgets that you could add to your office to keep everyone warm. Most of these can be run via USB. 

  • USB seat warmers
  • Hand warmers
  • heated floor pads
  • thermal headphones
  • heated mouse pads
  • cup warmers

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