How to Style Linen Dresses Well ?


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Linen dress is a definite option for hot or humid temperatures. It is breathable, cooling, skin-friendly, timeless and versatile. But if you want to wear a linen dress without looking like a sack, here are 4 ways that help you wear it in style all summer long.

1. Cinch the Waist

To get a good proportion when wearing linen dress, especially the loose, flowy type, you need to cinch your waist to highlight your waistline and create an hourglass shape. Those linen dresses featuring an elastic waist or drawstring waist are good enough to define your waist. Also, you can opt for the tie front dress or tie a belt to upgrade your look and get the most flattering style!

2. Choose Solid Colors 

Solid color is the best way to stay minimalist. This monochromatic color palette is wearable and easy to mix and match, providing an elegant look as well. Linen dress in solid colors, such as white, beige or khaki are fresh, classic and tender in eyes, and can be repeated often to your limited wardrobe. To avoid feeling boring, you can add some basic accessories, like a printed scarf, a belt, a wide-brim hat, a straw bag, a pair of statement sunglasses, anything, really!

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Other bright-colored tones like pink, yellow, blue, red are easy to attract attention. I personally like to wear pastels when I’m traveling. They are youthful and energetic enough to be the resort attire.

3. Mix and Match

Linen dress is practical since it can be worn alone or can be mixed with other pieces to get a unique and stunning look. For those of you who have no idea about linen matching, think about these ways:

1.Knee-length dress + palazzo pants: 

The trick to getting a good proportion when wearing this dress-pants combination is making sure the dress halves your body and the pants take up the rest. Because most of the linen dresses are loose and easy to broaden your upper body, wearing palazzo pants is one of the best solutions for everyone to balance your figure.

2. Knee-length dress + jeans: 

To completely style this look well, fit is everything. If you are slim, opt for the shift dress and skinny jeans to get a streamlined look. For the pear-shaped or apple-shaped bodies, I suggest the wide-leg jeans or baggy jeans in darker hues to conceal your trouble area, you need to avoid any slim-fit outfits that will easily show your defective parts.

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4. Shoes for Linen Dresses 

What shoes go with linen dresses?  Actually, almost any kinds of shoes can be worn with linen dresses except for the high heels. Linen dress is an undeniably relaxed and comfortable piece while high heels will ruin the ease. Therefore, when you want a casual sporty feel, opt for the sneakers or trainers. And if you pursue the complete comfort, nude sandals, mules or flats are a great basic to pair with your linen dress. Finally, if you want a chic vibe, add a pair of boots instead.

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