Design Tips For A Cleaner Kitchen

Design Tips For A Cleaner Kitchen 1
If there is one room in the home guaranteed to attract muck and grime, it’s the kitchen. With food splashes and stains, liquid spills, mucky feet from pets and children coming in from the outdoors, and other assorted messes, it can tough to keep this one area of the house clean. We wouldn’t be surprised if you were forever on standby with your mop and bucket.
Don’t despair, however. If you don’t want to stay rooted to the kitchen forever, there are ways to achieve a better level of cleanliness. While you could hire a professional home-cleaning service, you might curb this expense when considering the design of your kitchen. The next time you’re in the mood for a little renovation, consider the following.
It’s all about the triangle
Have you heard about the workflow triangle? When designing your kitchen, it’s worth following the model presented here. By arranging your cooker, sink, and refrigerator in close proximity to one another, you will minimise your footfall in the kitchen. As a consequence, you are less likely to cause a spill on your floor or countertops, as you will only be carrying food items a short distance. We also recommend you include your trash bin within the triangle, as you will be able to deposit any food waste quickly without causing too much of a mess in the process.
Choose easier to clean surfaces
Countertops are notoriously difficult to keep clean so you might want to choose your material carefully. Stainless steel, granite, and laminate surfaces are low-maintenance and resistant to stains and are a popular choice. Concrete is another popular choice to many due to its durability, but while it is hard wearing, it can absorb liquids. If going for this option, we recommend you purchase sealer from Carrdiamond after installation. Consider your back-splash too. Use non-porous materials such as glass or porcelain, as they don’t absorb grease or stains. And when it comes to your kitchen flooring, you want something that has no grout lines. Linoleum and sheet-vinyl are common choices, as spills can be mopped up easily and quickly, and there is less build-up of dirt.
Consider your sink
When choosing what sink to buy for your kitchen, go for something that is undermount or integrated so you can easily wipe any messes from the countertop into the sink. Again, you need to consider the materials you use, so go for something that doesn’t hold on to stains from grease and food debris. Stainless steel is your best choice, but for other kitchen sink tips, you might want to check this article for more detailed advice. If you have the space along your worksurfaces, you might also want to consider an extra sink. Provided you have a helper after mealtime, you will be able to get through the cleanup process in double-quick time, and that means more time for you to relax and put your feet up in another room!
We hope this advice was helpful to you, but let us know what you think. Have you managed to incorporate a specific kitchen design to help you reduce spills, stain, and general kitchen mess? If so, please share your ideas with us, for the sake of any of us trying to keep a cleaner kitchen.
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  1. Presiii 3 weeks ago

    Having a nice kitchen is big thing for me because it’s most likely part of my leaving room. I love stainless appliances

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