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Holla Guys,
Wedding season is around the corner. So it’s the time to do everything best for the wedding like fix the date, finalize the wedding cards, select the bridal outfit and after all, that now comes the turn of wedding jewellery. The bridal look is always incomplete without the bridal jewellery. For this reason, the task of selecting the perfect jewellery as per the wedding outfit is important. A lot of peoples are approaching at the jewelers for diamond, gemstone, platinum, gold jewelry. But we all are too busy with our lives that barely gives us time to visit the shop.
Caratlane is an omnichannel jewelry. It was started in 2008, with a goal to change the way in which diamond jewellery is bought in India and now it becomes one of the top e-commerce sites in India to sell jewellery.  Caratlane has the huge variety of gold and diamond jewellery at an affordable price.

Reasons to buy bridal wedding jewelry from Caratlane:

1) Omnichannel Jewelry:

Caratlane is an omnichannel jewelers as you can buy it from an online store, local store. They have their shop in all the major city almost they have around 4000 global vendors. It will be easy for a bride to easily choose her jewellery.

2) User-friendly website:

The website of Caratline is user-friendly so that anyone who is online savvy or not can easily understand, they have given different categories like Bracelets, Necklaces, Bangles, Earrings, Rings, Pendants. Also, you can buy it using an app. Because of this, it is not time consuming.

3) Free home try-On facility:

When we buy jewellery, we always want to try it first then after we buy it, whether we buy it online or at a local store. This dream come true by a process of Caratlane. As they offer to try on the home facility in which we can try our favorite jewellery piece at our home and there is no compulsion that we have to buy it. This will be beneficial for a bride as she rarely gets free time, so she can choose her jewellery at her home comfort.

4) Customized Jewellery:

Now a day’s customized jewellery is in trends. Everyone wants to give some customized gifts to their loved ones this can be possible by using caratlane. A bridal can order customized and unique jewellery based on her outfit.

5) Lifetime exchange warranty:

They provide the facility that you can exchange your jewelry lifetime. They also give lifetime exchange warranty in customized jewellery also.

6) Reasonably price:

Caratlane offers many discount and coupons. Also, they provide jewellery at a reasonable price, so that everyone can buy it easily.

7) Returns back policy:

They have a policy in that you can return or exchange your jewelry within 30 days.

Now, what are you guys waiting, start your lappy/mobile/go to local store and buy perfect bridal jewellery. Kindly let me know if you have bought jewellery from Caratlane and your experience in comments below.

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