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Canvas Print from Canvas Champ India Review


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Hey Peep’s,
Self love is important than anything else, so I love my self and I’m a huge fan of myself.

Few days back Canvas champ India contacted me to review their canvas print and I thought to review it to give it a try. They have sent a 16*20 Canvas to code to review the canvas print. So I thought to print my own picture. And guys the print turns amazing beautiful. I just loved it like anything.

The process to order is really easy

Step 1: First select the size of the canvas as per your need.
Step 2: Upload an Image of your choice.
Step 3: Choose the wrap as per your requirement.
Step 4: Option for color finishing if you want.
Step 5: If you want liquid lamination it will add extra amount in the total cost (OPTIONAL).
Step 6: If you want to add any text you can add it, Also you can see the preview of image on the wall (How it will look on the wall), so that you can imagine how will your canvas print will turn out on your wall.
Step 7: If you have any discount coupon then add it in Discount Code or Gift Card.
Step 8: Then proceed to checkout.

You will receive your canvas print within 5 to 6 days.

Product Specification:

  1. Quality of canvas: Excellent quality and tightly wrapped, the canvas isn’t shiny, the image is not blurred. The print quality is PHENOMENAL.
  2. Ease of Ordering: VERY fast, quick and easy, Love their website.
  3. Packing: Packing is excellent
  4. Shipping: The fastest. I ordered the canvas and it was ON MY DOORSTEP in 5 days.
  5. Price Point: Great prices, Affordable – They also run a lot of discounts and coupon codes.
  6. Recommended: Highly recommended

Below are the pros & cons:

  1. Loving the closed back it is strong and durable.
  2. Amazed with the quality print
  3. Hardware is attached with the canvas print, ready to hang.
  4. PRICE, wow! with discount codes.
  1. We can’t upload image above 25 mb.
I’m amazed on how beautiful my canvas turnout..see below. 
I LOVE my Pic!

Canvas Print from Canvas Champ India Review 1
Canvas Final Print
  1. Tammie Reinhart 4 months ago

    Your photo came out beautiful!

  2. maysz 4 months ago

    I love this idea and I would love to try this Canvas printing photo looks so amazing 🙂

  3. Janine Ella 4 months ago

    Oh this is nice! I have always dreamed of having a canvas print one day. I’ll have to shoot for a photo that will be perfect for printing. Lol

  4. Kalyan Panja 4 months ago

    Nice reading the review about this pretty looking canvas print and their prompt service.

  5. Krysten Quiles 4 months ago

    Yay I love it! What an easy way to add memories to your home. I have a whole gallery wall that I would love to add more to.

  6. Lavern Moore 4 months ago

    I would love to have my favorite print on canvas. Canvas prints look amazing hanging up somewhere in my home.

  7. Lynda Peter 4 months ago

    This is so cool and very beautiful. Would also try it out.

  8. Paula Stewart 4 months ago

    This is beautiful. I have some images of my grandchildren that I would love to have made into a canvas.

  9. Kathy Kenny Ngo 4 months ago

    I’d most likely order so many that our walls will be filled with canvas walls. I love the end product!

  10. Sondra Barker 4 months ago

    This is such an uplifting post and I love it! Canvas prints are such a cute idea! -Sondra Barker

  11. Alexandra Cook 4 months ago

    I don’t have pictures on canvas at home but I love how it looks so I think I’ll give it a try 🙂 I think I have some pics I would love to see on walls.

  12. Annabel O 4 months ago

    Wow. Thanks for sharing! Love how it turned out.

  13. Jackline A 4 months ago

    I love this idea. I love how it’s a different take on pictures.

  14. David Elliott 4 months ago

    I know I have seen several of these types of things and I have wanted to get one with my daughter in it. I really do love the look of it. I will have to find a place locally which does this.

  15. Ivan Jose 4 months ago

    Wow, I think this is a better option than having your picture framed. It looks great!

  16. Rosey 4 months ago

    The canvas really did turn out great. I always struggle on if we should get the wrap look or not. I finally opted for one and I love it.

  17. Melanie Frost 4 months ago

    I love this look! I need to do this with some of our family photos. Looks so much better on canvas!

  18. Bindu Thomas 4 months ago

    The canvas print looks amazing. I could get something done for my home and office.

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